Should Justin Combs Take The Scholarship?

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Poll posted 7 years ago.


  • PB - 7 years ago

    Take the ATHLETIC scholarship...... there is a difference between merit, financial aid and an athletic scholarship.

    Different monies!!! If he is playing for them, he earned it and will continue to make money for the school by the generated money of people attending the sporting events.

    I am sure Diddy will make a donation simply because that is the school his son attends and he will support them by attending events....

    Now the school actually made a good move because they were probably looking at the future $$$ Diddy and Justin will bring in.

    I have never seen him play ball, so I do not know if it was a well worth investment. But everyone else who plays for a school gets a scholarship, so he should be able to also regardless of what his parents make because if it were my parents.... they would say its their money NOT mine.

  • Anthony - 7 years ago

    Why should he have to pay it back when he's the 1 on the football field given blood, sweat, and tears not his daddy or diddy haha. But real talk there's plenty of rich people who's kids r on academic schollys and no 1 questions plus every former athletes child weather it's football or basketball has a kid who's good at sports & r on athletic scholarships (Joe montanas son, Tim hardaways son, doc rivers son) & there's plenty more so let the kid do his thing on the football field he deserves it, let him tell his kids 1 day like ya son your dad was dope on the field and earned a full ride to ucla.

  • NIT - 7 years ago

    Aren't we always complaining about shiftless and lazy kids feeling "entitled" to help for everything under the sun? Especially the "rich" ones? How many rich parents have bought their child's way into prestigious colleges??? Well, here is a kid who EARNED a scholarship with grades and skill - all on his own. What pride this young man must feel for HIS accomplishment. I personally think we diminish his efforts when we insist that he reject to fruits of his own labor.
    2. Please trust that UCLA will NOT miss that money, nor will they "run out" of financial aid funds for ANYONE they wish to admit to the institution. Their alumni base and endowment is way to great for that...

  • Rosy - 7 years ago

    This same issue came up when Denzel Washington son received a scholarship to play football I believe at Morehouse. Denzel wanted to pay but everyone told him his son earned it let him take the scholarship

  • Nicole - 7 years ago

    I think he shouldn't take it...there are children who won't be able to go to college without that money.take pride in the fact that youwere offered the scholarship because of your hard work but please give a child who doesn't have millionare parents, who trulycannot pay for college, a chance to make their dream come true

  • Lee - 7 years ago

    Yes he should accept the scholarship and attend college; why should he return it, what makes him different than a rich doctor's son or a rich lawyer's son, I know of some that received scholarships for school and used them, they didn't return them and nothing was said about them. So if they attended college on a scholarship, Justin Combs should be able to also.

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