What form would you like to see reparations take?


  • revcletis - 11 years ago

    Truth of the matter is that the U.S. government will declare bankruptcy before it pays Black people one thin dime. Asking for reparations is like asking a car thief to give you your car back after he's wrecked it .

  • KKKeith - 11 years ago

    Reparations are just another nigger's dream.

  • H8T Niggers - 11 years ago

    Stupid fucking filthy niggers. They should get a boat ride back to Africa.

  • Laquanda Bertha Jackson - 11 years ago

    Iz sho nuffs wants my resperations. Iz gots 8 kids and dey get welfare and food stampses buts dat ain' enufs. YT need to be gimme datsso iz can keep my chilrenz in Popeyes, Kool aid and get my hair did, wif my new Lexus and dem new rims. Lawdy iz luv me sum Obama. YT owes us everything. I luv being a proud black woman, and I deserve everything's fo free from dem evil crackas!!!

  • Klambis - 11 years ago

    You niggers should get off welfare and strat working like normal human beings.

  • Mike - 11 years ago

    Anyone who brings up reparations is an ignorant fool who hates white people. Grow up already and join civilized society. No one is keen on your reparations bullshit, it's a joke. It makes you look extremely stupid.

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