Which Is Better...

  • Isaiah - 8 years ago

    Damn talkin bout sucking ass made a nigga type like tyrese

  • Isaiah - 8 years ago

    I dunno about you guys and eddie long, but I rather play them games and show off my track and field hand skills off... Why don't we develop a game that is about sucking ass? Like the whole ass in yo mouth. Think of if... Call Of Booty modern suckfare

  • Corbin Macklin - 8 years ago

    I play my Nintendo 3DS everyday. And I own too many games for my Wii to not play that. So you would think I'd say videogames are better than sucking ass. But no. I love sucking assholes man. Rimming like a motherfucker. The best is when you eat the pussy from the back nigga... and just out of nowhere start tonguing that anus. She. Will. Moan. Nigga. Even if she thinks that is some repugnant shit she will not stop it. Then... when you ask her to do some nasty shit she ain't into... if she say no, you know she ain't shit. And now it's time to find a new ass to suck.

  • popsson - 8 years ago

    sucking ass is only warranted when you slip up eating the pussy.

  • da_ticklah - 8 years ago

    Who sucks ass tho? I want to meet the mofo that does that for fun just to ask em why and di they use Jelly or Syrup

  • Andre - 8 years ago

    As a man who is too busy to play video games I would have this option rather than sucking ass. but thanks for giving us the only option... nigga ha

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