Are loc extensions OK?

  • Rachel - 9 years ago

    I assume you meant are they okay in general. What others choose to do with their hair is no concern of mine. Therefore, I approve! As for myself, I tried extensions on a couple of shorter locs of my own. After a few months of having them, I could feel that they are not my own grown (more of a perception than an actual feel). I cut the store-bought hair off.

    So, recapping, for myself = NO. For others = Sure!

  • Robin - 9 years ago

    Growing locs requires patience. In the world we live in that is something that is not valued. We want everything instantly. To relax and wait is so difficult but we must get back to having patience. Also to truly begin to love oneself we must ignore the media and negative information and embrace what God has blessed us with. Locs definitely take us on a journey of self love and patience. All stages are beautiful, we must look with open eyes. Peace

  • Charlene Lewis - 9 years ago

    I have loc extensions. Got them for my birthday in February. I love them. Honestly, i love locs but i just didnt want to go through the akward phase. If people think i cheated well that is thier problem. I take care of my hair and it is my money being spent.

  • Linda Matthews - 9 years ago

    It's nothing like natural hair. It's a ppreciation in growing your natural hair you developed.
    Your hair lis like a flower that has to be nutured. After being nutured properly you get the
    best results.


    Linda Matthews

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