Have our doctors and hospitals squandered all their ethics and principles?

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  • Dr. Mohsin Pinjari - 8 years ago

    Everything that shown in the episode was 100% correct. As I am a MBBS doctor I really support Amir Khan. Khan Rocks....

  • suneel - 8 years ago

    As a matter of fact what Amir has said & shown is 100% correct.Most(90%) doctors have become BUTCHERS(Kasai).They are not bothered about any of their patiens & diesese but have one point programme how to extract more & more money from their patients by writing costliest needed & unneeded medicines & tests from their nominted labs so that they could earn maximum kick back(commission).Shame on all such buthers who should not be called as doctors.

  • Firuzi Mehta - 8 years ago

    Aarmir Khan is certainly not wrong. He clearly differentiated between genuine mistakes and outright corrupt malpractice. There is no doubt that a huge percentage of doctors (definitely not all) are involved in taking cuts, commissions, performing unnecessary investigations and surgeries - all for their own benefit, patient's benefit is not the priority.

    As an intern at a rather prestigious hospital in South-Central Mumbai, over 20 years ago, we had seen notices sent by the administration to the individual department heads - the hospital had spent a huge amount on getting an MRI department and it was the 'bounden duty' of the department heads to see that as many patients were referred for it as possible, so that costs could be recovered quickly.

    There is no reason for Aamir Khan to apologise to the IMA. He has done nothing wrong. The Pharma nexus is also a big one and needs more exposure.

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