Should kids younger than 13 be allowed to use Facebook?

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  • Bryana M. - 3 years ago

    Look, no matter what we do, kids will find ways to get around it. I am 10 and came here for a report but I am extremely mature compared to all kids in my entire school (No matter what grade)
    Ik not to use it for bad things and I know not to hurt others feelings.

    Also my parents bully me so i can handle hate. Some kids can handle it, most can't. But no matter what you do, kids will alway find ways to hurt each other to suicide, find bad words and inappropriate gestures and ideas, and overall be bad. We can find out who is the school's whore by the sharpie writing on the wall in bathrooms. I also find it gives us kids tougher skin and makes us stronger. But like said, do everything you can, but you can't stop socialization between kids. No one can. In my moms days suicide STILL happened. And it also has.

    Another thing, social media can help inspire us. I have seen people in youtube comments, facebook comments, and etc social media sites give each other encouragement and save others from death.

    So please, I understand some people need restrictions but don't ruin it for others who are using social media as a way to get out feelings and are mature enough to handle it.

  • DRWWWW - 4 years ago

    ya'll are very mean

  • ???? - 5 years ago

    Facebook is for contact with distant people not just the people in a child's school.And once a child is ten they're either playing video games or on their phone so not giving them an account is like telling them they cant text.As for it being like a loaded shotgun, a shotgun can kill mean words cant. : J

  • hikayama-san353 - 5 years ago

    I honestly don't even understand the crowd that says that kids should only play outside with toys and read books. In real life, bullying actually is more dangerous than it is online, since while online bullying and trolling can make one just feel strained/stressed, real life face-to-face bullying is a life/death responsibility! As a kid, I used to even fear going outside since one boy was chasing me, threatening me to hit with sharp stick with nails, also he was calling his older brother for backup. Sometimes playgrounds can also have bad conditions which can bring kids into injury (does computer/cell phone/even snail mail make injuries for kids anyways?), and "bad words" are present even on vandalized playgrounds (sometimes that vandalism is persistent and you can't even erase it!). I know in real life you can hug/pat etc, but you can also hit or harm as well.

  • iris jurado - 7 years ago

    i am not enjoying watching little kids be on facebook and say what ever they want

  • Doug Baker - 8 years ago

    Absolutely not. Allowing kids (and some of their parents) on Facebook is like giving them a loaded gun. They can't handle the responsible use of this technology and it is unfair to expect school administrators to investigate the nonsense that comes from their irresponsibility.

  • Alexa - 8 years ago

    Why the hell do 8 year olds need a facebook? They see their friends every day at school, go outside and play with the kids in your neighborhood, make up games, play with toys. Why allow your kids to sit in front of a computer screen all day? It makes no sense to me, if you allow your children to interact socially via the internet they will never develop face to face skills they need. Don't kids have fun playing face to face anymore?

  • Nari - 8 years ago

    I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed a facebook account. I bet a ton of kids under 13 already have one; it's not that hard to say you're older than you already are. Parents really need to figure out that 'bad words' or harsh pictures won't put a kid off facebook because honestly? Kids today already see, hear, and do it all the time.

  • june - 8 years ago

    Several of my almost 11 year old daughters friends are on facebook. One of them was cyberbullied and then bullied at school. Theres enough trouble for kids to get into without adults tools like facebook or a cell phone for them to get themselves into REAL trouble. I wont let my child have a cell phone or facebook until there are proper controls and I can monitor EVERYTHING she does on it until she ist at least 18.

  • Tracey - 8 years ago

    I don't even let my soon to be 14 year old have Facebook. too many pressures in school and society the way it is I don't think he needs another sourse of peer pressure!

  • Michele Stack - 8 years ago

    I think you should create a junior face-book website. This would do many things - allow kids to have their own website. It would be easier to monitor and control by those in authority. If a "sick" adult attempts to enter the site trolling for kids for inappropriate contact - they would be easier to nail and put behind bars. You could monitor bullying on the site easier. It would cut down on numbers of people on adult face-book. There could be a time limit set by the parents allowing them to be on the site for a certain period of time at a certain time of day then site automatically kicks them out for 24 hours. It would eliminate the kids that see stuff only adults should see. I think it should be for 14 and under.

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