Will Rajon Rondo regret accusing Heat of crying?

  • kim - 9 years ago

    love love love rondo! love the heat too, but pullin for the celtics, and just glad that koby and his lakers are out of it again !!!!!! yay!!! BEAT KO-BY!!!!!! hes an idiot.

  • andy - 9 years ago

    Everyone knows paul pierce can't guard. Lebron without fouling out. Now chris is back who's gonna stop him kg can't even stop the bench. Heat take next two straight

  • Les Aultmon - 9 years ago

    hot heads are never sorry - even after they lose

  • Scott Nugent - 9 years ago

    All Boston wants to is talk sh-t all the time. They WILL be home watching the Finals!!! GO HEAT!

  • VinSas - 9 years ago

    Rondo was asked, "What holes were you able to exploit...?" And his answer was that they were able to exploit the Heat crying and complaining about fouls in transition. While the Heat were crying, the Celtics were pushing the ball and the defenders were out of position. And that's why he said it was true.

  • Eugene Hamptons - 9 years ago

    The Miami Heat represent everything wrong with the NBA and the reason the NBA is fast becoming irrelevant.

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