Was NASCAR's one-race suspension of Kurt Busch appropriate?

  • steve - 9 years ago

    Busch had it correct. Stick to questions about racing. Reporters should be suspended for antagonizing drivers. Gutter reporting is inviting comments like the one Busch gave. A little harsh on his part, perhaps. However, it seems the majority of minor league reporters get a kick out of trying scene by baiting sporting figures.

  • Tim P. - 9 years ago

    Toooo much freaking DRAMA these days. Everyone is stirring everyone up to the flip out point for ratings or fun or just the hell of it.. It was after a race. That takes a lot out of you if you think so or not. Go do jumping jacks for 15 minutes in your garage on a 90 degree day with the door closed see how you feel after that, Then have some d-bag reporter ask you a stupid question. See how you answer. Yeah Kurt has a temper. Yeah he lets it fly. Yeah he is probably the guy who has a couple too many at the bar and wants to beat your ass for any reason he can come up with. That being said the reporter was in my opinion was baiting Kurt to do something or say somethng stupid and Kurt called a spade a spade. I'll bet he and other reporters think twice about what they ask Kurt in the future... oh maybe not they are predators not reporters...i go that wrong... like the bully at school who knows what buttons to push to piss you offf... so that's what happens to those dinks... they become reporters... DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.... lets stick to NEWS ( if there is such a thing) and leave DRAMA to the dumb ass reality shows shall we folks?.

  • R Daly - 9 years ago

    Kurt Busch is an idiot. He is racing without a sponsor because of his bad behavior, he is on probation for previous comments about Justin, and then he lets himself get baited into even a worse comment. Sure the reporter was yanking his chain. Kurt Busch should have been smart enough to just turn around and ignore the reporter. But the average reporter would appear to be a lot smarter than Kurt Busch.

  • j e mikulencak - 9 years ago

    the reporter is a jerk .you know he was trying to upset him after a bad race.

  • Kathi Archer - 9 years ago

    I thought Kurt handled the reporter well, being as the reporter was provoking him. Why didn't the reporter just stick to questions about the race? Kurt was right...the reporter was try to bait him into a situation...probably for TV ratings. Not fair at ALL!!!

  • thelma goodell - 9 years ago

    the news person was out of line for even asking the question..wasn,t necessary

  • Larry Hill - 9 years ago


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