Should Cooper have been arrested for acting like a proud mom?


  • adolf - 11 years ago

    Typical Nigger Behavior. Filthy beasts should all be exterminated.

  • ms.housekeeper - 11 years ago

    That's what she gets for not following the rules.I dont care if it was her great grand mother.Out bursts like that could be annoying to others.Why not just sit and wait for all of the students to be awarded their diplomas,then applaude them all.They ask before the ceremony not to give those kind of out burst.Should they have taken her to jail? No,just remove her from the event.It's not intelligent to act out like that anyway.So for this situation,she should have followed the rules,regardless to what others do.Have self respect for yourself,as well for others!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan - 11 years ago

    I've been to numerous graduation ceremonies in Florence SC, there are certain people who hear the rules, but refuse to follow. They always cheer very loudly and don't care that others around them followed the rules. It does not apply to them.

  • don - 11 years ago

    I have seen the cell phone video of this episode/outbreak. She was behaving erratically and totally disruptive. It scared the people around her. I however do not think arrest was warranted, just removal.

  • Lisa - 11 years ago

    How dare the police arrest the mother for cheering at her daughters graduation...under what charge? That is down right wrong and disgusting. The police have nothing better to do. This is the main reason why people don't like cops and don't respect officers because some have no respect for the people.

  • Aneatra - 11 years ago

    Whoever thinks this is right is just as dumb as the police that did it. This sick world doesn't have long!

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