Do You Think That There Should Be A Beer Garden In Kennywood?


  • Frank Mullen - 11 years ago

    Selling beer in Kennywood would be asking for trouble. Trying to corral folks who would be drinking would be asking for combativeness and confrontations. Furthermore, the likely inebriation would embolden dangerous behavior on rides, such as at the top of the first hill on roller-coasters. And there'd be a whole lot more throwing-up after being spun around on rides that whip people in circles. I can't think of a single redeeming reason to serve beer in Kennywood. It's a bad idea, altogether.

  • Ruthann Ochs - 11 years ago

    I vote NO. I do not see the reasoning behind it. OH waite maybe it is Political thing. You grease my palm and I'll grease yours.

  • Lea Chbosky - 11 years ago

    I vote NO. I can see absolutely no "upside" to allowing drinks in the park. As an adult, I certainly have an occasional beer or glass of wine, but Kennywood is not the place to imbibe. It is a place to become a child again, if only for a few hours.

  • Lori Achtzehn - 11 years ago

    I vote "NO"! There are plenty of other places to go for drinks and fun. Kennywood has always been a family-oriented park. There was never a need for alcohol of any kind. I can just imagine being on a ride with someone who has consumed a few beers and throws up on everyone around them. I can see the fights now. There are enough problems with fights at closing time that a lot of people don't know about. Alcohol will only make it worse. Now, if they want to have "Adult Only" nights and serve beer - I can see that. But not when there are kids around. Kids copy what they see!

  • Linda GHibb - 11 years ago

    NO NO NO!!!!! That will ruin our lovely old park!!!!. After we moved to WV it was a good many yrs. till I got to Kennywood again & when I returend I was pushing a stroller with one of my baby grandsons in & my daughter-in-law was pushing the other one & I was appalled to find out guards there checking our diaper bags & made me dump my fanny pack out that took mer a half an hr. to get everything crammed into it! What the heck did they think a Grandma was going to have in there???? He said it was due to gang activity in the area. Yeah I really looked like a gang member, NOT!

  • Emma - 11 years ago

    Absolutely "NO"!! The ones who will abuse this will be the group that is just barely over 21. They will then stroll through the park, looking for anything that would be exciting. An example might be someone that doesn't wear the same colors as they do. Every night the news has some kid that has been shot in a drive by. We will end up fearing going to Kennywood.

  • Joshua Lamb - 11 years ago

    I am going to vote "YES" and I will explain. Although I get up to Pennsylvania often my primary residence is in Tampa Bay, Florida. I am surrounded with many amusement parks. Disney, Bush Gardens, Cypress Gardens, Sea World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Wet n' Wild, etc.... The problem and question comes down to simple economics. Businesses have to turn a profit and for an older amusement park to compete with the SIX FLAGS of the country. They have to maintain an upper edge. Sadly, as it might be, pandering to alcohol works well and brings in a lot of money to an aging, sometimes out of date, amusement park. When Bush Gardens decided to remove the on-site brewery to clear land (which meant no more free beer to patrons).... ticket sales fell by more than 30%. Immediately the park had to do something to recover or else face a second year of massive profit loss. They decided to build Florida's largest wooden roller coaster on the property recently cleared AND build a small hospitality house to continue to provide free beer to the patrons. Immediately tickets soared and the profit was restored. It's just the world that we live it. When you don't have the money that Disney, Six Flags or Universal has to play with, you have to do something to keep an edge. Alcohol brings in the crowds and the money. Just the world we live in. I wouldn't be surprised if the PA state closing time law is attacked next. In FL both Tampa and St. Pete close at 3am. Miami at 5am and the rest of the state at 2am. But a HUGE interest has been shown to extend Tampa Bay and Orlando to 5am. Most large cities are at least 3/4 am. If Kennywood starts selling alcohol you can bet that the push for later closing time in the larger cities is right around the bend. 'But once again, it boils down to $$$. The 3am closing time has done wonders for St. Pete. business trying to compete with Tampa. The cost of higher crime doesn't begin to touch the millions of tax revenue on alcohol sales. It pays for itself times 10.

  • Robert Salopek - 11 years ago

    Scheez ... Beer should not EVEN be sold at ballparks around the country. The roudies and hooligans only attend those venues to get drunk, and then terrorize and challenge regular folks.

    What a world. The levels of ownership of Kennywood, stringing all the way back thru Spain and the UK. That alone is enough to make Duquesne-ites, and indeed ALL AMERICANS, sick to our stomachs.

    Nope, beer has NO PLACE in wholesome Kennywood. Next, patrons will be subjected to a TSA style psycho-analytical examination and body scan. What a world !!

  • Barry Long - 11 years ago

    The Beer will flow until the first fight & lawsuit, then Kennywood will return to it's origins.

  • Greg Manns - 11 years ago

    It's about the money and profits, what else.

    "Kennywood is owned by Kennywood Entertainment Company, which until December 2007 was a closely held family business owned by the Henninger and McSwigan families. Kennywood Entertainment is now operated by California-based Palace Entertainment, a subsidiary of Parques Reunidos, an international amusement park company based in Madrid, Spain.[3] Parque Reunidos is in turn a subsidiary of Candover Investments, an investment fund based in the UK."

  • Lou Weber - 11 years ago

    Why after all these years do you need to disrupt the ambiance of this fine old park? Just what makes everyone who voted for it think that you need to have alcohol at Kennywood for a good time. It won't take long before staggering and slobbering drunks will be a normal sight and out of control fighting will be a daily sight.

  • Claudia Misage - 11 years ago

    Why ??? Why??????? Why ????????? Just cannot believe it. The park has been there since the original tract of ground was purchased in 1818 by Charles K. Kenny. In 1860 is was a popular picnic spot. All these year later and now in 2012 we have to have beer. WHY ???? Drink at home, drink at a bar, drink anywhere else but leave Kennywood alcohol free. Why ruin a good thing? They took away the popcorn at the park----at least I think they did------tooooo much cleaning after the mess. That was always the last thing purchased for your walk home. Anyhow that is my opinion, my gang will be at the park this Saturday right before we attend the evening Pirates game. Fun, fun, fun Keep the cool weather for us!!!!!! Thanks, and Jim you are still the best for writing about "Our" beloved home town.

  • Donna Manns - 11 years ago

    I voted no to the beer. I just can't explain what a bunch of drunks will do to that park. So sorry to hear that this is going to happen.

  • Joyann Drumm - 11 years ago

    As far as the cost being a deterent to some...I don't buy that for a minute. Cost is never a deterent for an alcoholic...the alcohol becomes a priority and bills and other necessities go out the window.

  • Joyann Drumm - 11 years ago

    Seriously...can anything just remain family oriented without trying to make a buck off of people who simply can't enjoy a day at the park without a beer? What message does this send to your kids? And the park will recognize people who have had too much to drink? They already are voicing what we all know...alcohol will lead to nothing but trouble! How sad.

  • Charmaine Carman Eggett - 11 years ago

    Keep Kennywood a family attraction. There are plenty of beer gardens around. Don't need people driving drunk with kids in the car.

  • sharyn manns - 11 years ago

    WHY? All the decades without - can anyone say they didn't love Kennywood cause they couldn't drink? the only reason I can see is to make money.

  • david marks - 11 years ago

    I voted yes. Those consuming beer there are not doing so to get even half buzzed. First, the cost is prohibitive for most. The consumers will likely be the occasional dad who arrived too early when picking up the children. He will spend an exhorbitant amount of money on one beer and move on. I don't think the drinkers will also be riders. And for those who are concerned about people getting sick on the rides, well, I think the junk food probably comes up more than the beer would. I've seen plenty of children get sick there over the years.

    Just my opinion, with no science. But I know I don't pound high dollar beers at the stadium, let alone thinking about it at Kennywood. Yoy. No, double-Yoy.

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