Would you be interested in attending an UnBlog Family Reunion held in Utah this August?

  • Regina - 10 years ago

    Great Idea!
    August would be great, around the same time as BYU Education Week. If not, I will try to make it another time.

  • Sandy K - 10 years ago

    Since some of us would be travelling long distances to be there, it would be nice if it could be for as many days as possible, with speakers interspersed with unstructured social mingling time. It could eventually prove to be an alternative to BYU Education Week. I attended Education Week a few years ago and signed up for every class with a spiritual topic. I was surprised and disappointed to find only 3 presenters who spoke with the spirit. All the others spoke on spiritual topics without much spirit. I felt concern that thousands of people may not have even realized what was missing.

  • joyT - 10 years ago

    Will absolutely come from the Spokane/Couer d'Alene area if it doesn't conflict with a family trip to Minnesota, also in August.

  • Valerie - 10 years ago

    Can I put in my vote for the first weekend in August? We will be in Utah to drop off our son to the MTC. What an incredible event to send him off with!!!

  • Judy - 10 years ago

    An event not to be missed!

  • LSessions - 10 years ago

    That would be an event that my wife and I would NOT want to miss!

  • joyce - 10 years ago

    Great! Hope it's in south Orange County, CA:)

  • Rosemary Warnes - 10 years ago

    Sounds wonderful and I am ready to mark my calander.

  • Jared - 10 years ago

    Wonderful idea. I will be there when it happens. Can't wait to meet all of you.

  • Mr. X - 10 years ago

    Sometimes I wish I was rich so could fly in a moments notice to Utah for stuff like this.

    Have fun guys! Let us outsiders know what was said!

  • Susette - 10 years ago

    The date would be the only concern... otherwise I'm there!

  • Anja - 10 years ago

    That would wonderful!

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