McCain's vice presidential choice will be...

  • Larry McD - 14 years ago

    Including Jindal's ethnic background (and anyone else's) is a way of saying "Not just another white guy/woman." I think, particularly in this case, it's pretty remarkable that an East Indian-American was elected governor in David Duke's homestate so including the heritage designation acknowledges the accomplishment.

  • Dennis - 14 years ago

    Jindal is strikingly Indian in appearance -- no judgment in that, just a statement that it would be a startling pick for most Americans.

  • Alex - 14 years ago

    The most interesting part of the poll is that it reveals there isn't a single viable female VP candidate for McCain. The closest is Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), but she's officially pro-choice so the Christian Right would veto her.

  • Chris - 14 years ago

    Betty, Thanks for the clarification. I admit I hadn't thought of the age-angle!! After exhaling, I still must ask why Ambinder would chose to say "Indian-American" then? Do we address Teddy Kennedy as the Irish-American Senator from Mass? Or do we read regularly about the Panamanian-born Senator from Arizona that want to bomb, bomb, bomb??? I think there is a xenophobic undercurrent to the statement "barely-legal Indian-American....." that is uncalled for.

  • Betty in Baltimore - 14 years ago

    Chris, he means "barely legal" because of his young age. There is a Constitutional age requirement for President. Jindal barely makes that.

    Nice reactionary comment... But take a deep breath, dude.

  • Chris - 14 years ago


    What exactly do you mean by "barely legal - presidentially legal"? Bobby Jindal is of foreign descent - but is as American as George Bush, Barack Obama or for that matter Hillary Clinton. Actually McCain might be classified as "barely legal" since he was born overseas.

    You may not like Jindal for one reason or other, but as a regular visitor to your website and as a true-blue Democrat, I am disappointed in your choice of xenophobic verbiage.

  • Nowhere Else to Comment - 14 years ago

    Ambinder: "I don't usually print entire press statements from campaigns, but . . . "

    Good one ! That's pretty funny.

  • Joe Justice - 14 years ago

    If you honestly think the Republican Party would nominate an unknown Indian-American man as the VP for an old Presidential nominee... I have some Enron stock for you. Wake up and give me a break. The GOP is God's White Party this year, all-the-way.

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