Do you support Toronto's plastic bag ban?


  • Bev - 11 years ago

    I'm all for getting rid of plastic bags because of the environmental damage and wildlife effects.
    But I would prefer that they charge for plastic bags and then instead of giving the money to the retailers, it goes towards planting trees or conservation or clean up, etc.

    I usually have a reusable bag with me but sometimes, if I am getting a meal to go, it gets messy to use a reusable bag and a paper bag doesn't cut it with leaks.

    Overall, it will lessen the usage of plastic bags but an outright ban seems kind of out there.

  • Nina - 11 years ago

    I'm against the ban, just because city consul did it even without any kind of consultation, deliberation etc with public. They simply took out option to chose. In most of the cases I use re-usable shopping bugs anyway, but this motion is arrogant and I don't like it a bit.

  • Richard Flohil - 11 years ago

    I support the ban, but there has to be a mandatory way to divert this money from the grasp of retailers to Toronto-based environmental issues — care for our trees, for instance. Sounds pollyanna-ish and politically correct, but surely this isn't an impossible goal.

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