Has George Zimmerman damaged his credibility?

Posted 7 years.


  • Al - 5 years ago

    I'm sick and tired of the media cow towing to the black community. If he's guilty, he will be found guilty, the media especially CNN has just about every anchor hanging this man. The Judge should be disbarred, she is so biased its sickening. Why did she absolutely have to know if he was going to testify before the defense even completed its case. Its always the defense attorney that says yea or nea if the defendant is going to testify. She was just trying to give the prosecution, whom she favors, a leg up. What a kangaroo court if I ever heard of one.

  • Nancy - 6 years ago

    Zimmermans bond was revoked. He turned himself in again. The states making an example of Zimmerman. There have been other defendants that had money for a lawyer. The state provided a lawyer at no cost and the defendant held onto his property and money. The state is making an example of Zimmerman. No matter what Zimmerman does the state will look for a reason to make it as difficult as possible. There appeasing Martin's mother and the black community. The pressure is on to avoid anymore embarrassing incidents. Martins mother speaks the state shakes in their boots. This case is national and international Florida will be over zealous proving justice will prevail. There using Zimmerman as the scapegoat. Zimmerman won't get a fair trial in any Florida county. The case is scrutinized every development or insignificant detail. The media lets you know. He's on trial in the newspaper, the newspaper has convicted him and have Zimmerman in prison.

  • Ellie - 7 years ago

    Even the smallest most irrelevant lie tends to damage one's credibility be it from a small child or adult. How on earth, then, is George's credibility not damaged?

  • nelsonhoward - 7 years ago

    I would say that his crediblity has been compromised, however the truth will all come out in court. The prosecution is moving forward with no eye witnesses, that will be difficult to overcome. There was an enormous outcry for arrest and incarceration of George Zimmerman. Now, he is in jail and if he does not incriminate himself with phone calls to his wife he will be doing well.

  • Carol - 7 years ago

    Another example of the media trying to make something out of nothing. Let the man alone, but please fire Ms. Coury, the State prosecutor who was totally out of line when she announced the charges long before evidence was available.

  • Jeffrey - 7 years ago

    This is disgusting yellow journalism, trying to persuade people to think that Zimmerman is a liar.

    He has surrendered his liberty twice now when ordered to. WHAT is the supposed big pressing need for the court to hold onto more of his money?! There is none! He already had bond of $150,000. Do those who are hunting him like a witch demand that the court take every additional dollar he acquires and add it to his bond amount?!

    Bond is held to guarantee that you're going to come back to court for trial. And even then, some people give up the money and remain on the run as fugitives from justice. CLEARLY, George Zimmerman is not attempting to run from justice!

    So it is abundantly clear that all this bullshit feigned indignation about money he supposedly lied about is just part of the vindictiveness of those who are going after him out of hatred, not a desire for justice.

    Justice was done when he shot a kid whose actions threatened to possibly kill him.

  • Tom - 7 years ago

    (sorry, accidentally hit the send button) and the governor to even find a "prosecuter" willing to charge the case. Leave this man alone. Taking the life of another human being (no matter how justified) is traumatic enough. Being drug through the coals by a bunch of publicity seeking lynchman just makes matters worse for both families.

  • Tom - 7 years ago

    This man is obviously trying to do everything required of him in the criminal justice system. He has surrendered twice, fully cooperated with authorities. Heck, it took the president and

  • Floridaboy - 7 years ago

    This came up a few days after bond was set. Don't know why it's a big deal now

  • **Anti Martin** - 7 years ago

    No, this is the second time he turned himself into authorities without incident. Hes obviously not a flight risk and seems to want to see this case out. Just look at his injuries, if I was Zimmerman I would have shot Trayvon too, more than once. Its just a matter of time, Zimmerman will be cleared and back to his life.

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