Have you fallen out of love with President Obama?


  • Shawney - 12 years ago

    Thank you ernestine fletcher i feel the same an agree with you.im so sick of these poli-tricks trying to turn us against our president.

  • ernestine fletcher - 12 years ago

    I really would like to know the name of the city where jay z performed and the people could not afford to buy tickets.please,lets keep it real.when we voted for the president i hope it was not because we were looking for a black agenda,but an agenda for equality.everyone marched equal rights because we deserve them as human beings,and the fight continues,but to say we thought he was our black deliverer or to even think he was is totally insane.he is a democratic president with a republican congress who has blocked his every step simply because of their dislike for him and they are in the majority,now whose fault is that,it is the fault of all of the black democrats who did not vote in their state primaries.i pray black america does not give up on him,do not give up.help him,don't trash him.

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