On this list, which do you think is the most challenging project?


  • nicholas Tinling - 12 years ago

    The only chair I ever built (more like a bench) was a rocker made from slabs of Black Acacia. I only made straight cuts where I had to so I was left with a very primitive product. I still don't know whether I like it or not. /Users/nicktinling/Desktop/Rocker.jpg

  • Greg Deavers - 12 years ago

    Hard Curly Maple (HCM) Queen Anne High Boy W/ 2 matching HCM Low Boys

  • Dave - 12 years ago

    I think the most intimidating thing for me about a chair is...will it hold up to someone sitting on it. I can build a table that a 300 pound person can stand on with no issues but put a chair project in front of me and I would be afraid of a 30 pound kid to sit on it.

  • Gene Callahan - 12 years ago

    I have to think that chairs are the most intimidating projects. I love What Sam Maloof has designed but I cant get my head around it thinking about all of those angles and how everything just flows together

  • richard foutch - 12 years ago

    definately a rocking chair. My first try was truly a disaster. looked just like Mel Gibson's in The Patriot! I have never tried to build another one since.

  • Ron Harper - 12 years ago

    Queen Anne highboy, Bombe Chest Re tougher scary projects

  • Kurtis Leatham - 12 years ago

    I built a castle bunk bed for my boys. Took 8 sheets of MDF, about 150 wood screws, a gallon and a half of paint, 25 cans of textured spray paint, and about 7 months to complete. Looks AWESOME tho!!! See Playhousedesgins.com and search for the Norwhich castle. The plans were so-so but good enough for me to figure out so I could do the job.

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