Who Do You Think Won The Fight?
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  • Angelique - 10 years ago

    This is a SAD day for boxing!! Even if there is a rematch, I vow to NEVER purchase another boxing pay perview!! I liked Bradley before the fight and have since lost all respect for him!! How can he look at his kids and teach them right from wrong when he clearly accepted championship belts to a fight he LOST!! UFC fighting and Dana White are obviously the events to watch since boxing has lost all RESPECT from its viewers! RIP boxing!! Should of known it was a fluke could never sign a Pacquio/Mayweather fight!! Bradley you are truly a disappointment to boxing probably more so than the decision on June 9th!! Pacquio you were robbed, you dont need to prove yourself ever again to a bunch of ballerina judges!!! YOU ARE TRULY A CHAMP!! Focus on GOD and your family, they will always have your back!!! PACQUIO for PRESIDENT!!!

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