Should the NFL increase its discipline for DUIs?

  • Alex - 8 years ago

    Sorry, but nobody should be answering no to this question. And everybody has made good points to say "Yes". Taking money won't stop it from happening but suspensions should. Driving Under the Influence is worse than the possession of Marijuana but the charges seem to say the opposite. On top of every possible reason, the NFL needs to recognize that its players serve as role models for young children. As children see their favorite players being charged with DUIs, it increases the likelihood of them doing the same thing. DUIs should be on the same level of steriods in baseball. Your telling me these professional athletes can't afford to pay for a cab?

  • jaws - 8 years ago

    Sorry for your loss. I haven't lost someone to drunk driving, but I don't think that qualifies myself as ignorant. I'm fully aware of how terrible drunk driving is, but that is not the point.
    The article says "increase the penalties." I don't think penalties - if they are financial penalties, which they most likely will be because even suspensions are financial penalties - should be increased. Fining a millionaire thousands of dollars is not a sufficient deterrent and there likely will not be any increase that is drastic enough because it will not get approved by the NFLPA.
    All I'm saying is if the NFL wants to prevent more DUIs (which is the goal), the league needs to do something else rather than "penalize" players.
    Rather, I think the NFL should educate and counsel the players by increasing the awareness on how dangerous it is and the effects on others - maybe require DUI panel seminars or something of the sort.
    The NFL is always looking to fine the players, but they need to realize that fining millionaires is not accomplishing their goals. DUIs will decrease once the NFL stops penalizing players for it and start educating, counseling, and/or rehabilitating players.

  • Tim - 8 years ago

    Wow if u vote "no" then u have obviously never lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident. Don't be ignorant

  • jaws - 8 years ago

    I voted no because increased NFL penalties won't be effective if losing your driver's license or other state penalties aren't effective as deterrents. People will drive drunk unless they truly believe they shouldn't. Look at the NFL drug policies. Generally, players either don't do it because they think it is wrong or they do it in a manner that seeks to evade penalty.

    Losing money isn't that big of a deal to players, which is essentially the only thing that the NFL can do. Losing something tangible is more effective (i.e. states revoking a driver's license). But even losing something tangible isn't a sufficient deterrent until that person suffers the loss.

  • Erika - 8 years ago

    so are the no votes the people who actually drive drunk? i don't know why anybody would vote no.

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