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What was the greatest mid-season two-parter in Stargate history? (Poll Closed)

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  • Hilda Bowen - 10 years ago

    Hope I didn't miss out. But really all of them are wonderful. It was hard to make a choice.

  • jys - 10 years ago

    the return 1/2

  • Keith - 10 years ago

    Well, I spent all weekend thinking about it, but I'm going with Evolution I&II.

    I loved the earthbased storyline, a very earth problem that could happen (kidnapping) that later brilliantly blended with the sci-fi storyline.

    And I loved the offworld story that really progressed the overreaching arcs, pushing the show towards the amazing payoff that was the season 8 finale.

  • DM - 10 years ago

    As much as I have enjoyed (and still enjoy!) many of the other two-parters, I finally settled on The Storm/The Eye.

    The Storm/The Eye wins in my book mainly because of how I felt when I first saw this duo. It was great to see the characters having to deal with even more conflict (obviously, they didn't have enough on their plate at the time...) and better to see their reactions/growth. I remember that the ending of The Storm drove me and probably every other viewer absolutely nuts - in a good way!

    SGA hooked me right from the get-go and this was an awesome set to have in the premier season. If I went back and watched each of these two-parters against each other (which sounds like a darn good scientific study to commence), maybe I would choose another pair of episodes for their stand-alone properties. These two, however, are most memorable in my mind.

    Hooray for Stargate in general.

  • prof.madmax - 10 years ago

    Hard to choose and that speaks so well of a masterly produced family of series. I went with Evolution I & II because for me, it delivered like gangbusters and had some truly satisfying character "evolution" ie Sam & Daniel's ability to get the job done and the great moment of seeing O'Neill reevaluate Burke after he realizes he has misjudged him. BRAVO-That's entertainment! PLUS the story, the pacing, Master Bra'tac AND Jacob Carter/Selmak, Dr. Lee submerged, torture, sweat, Burke's M203 grenade launcher, the DVD commentary, and the locations!

    most excellent!

  • Brenda - 10 years ago

    The Lost boys / the Hive .
    I had wondered what happened to Lt. Aiden Ford , was glad to see him again.
    I was hoping he was back , though that wasn't the case of course.

  • Kimmy - 10 years ago

    After reviewing these episodes, I finally decided on SGU's Justice and Space. While I enjoyed most of these episodes, those two particular episodes cemented by enthusiasm for SGU.

    The shocking suicide by Sgt Spencer, Camile's automatic misinterpretation of why/how the military operates, the opportunity she sees for moving Destiny under civilian rule, Rush's calculated manipulations as he chafes beneath Young's restrictions and working to serve his own purposes, and Young's understanding the building animosities between civilian and military factions, demonstrating once again his willingness to sacrifice himself for a peaceful solution all intermix in "Justice" culminating with an "Oh my Gosh" moment at the end of this episode.

    Camile not understanding the full import of command and how it affects a person emotionally and physically, the responsibility for others lives, and that it isn't about power, is wrenching to her personally. Young's anger bursts off the screen when he explodes at Rush centering around Dr Franklin's irresponsible behavior that resulted in his incapacitation after he sat in the chair.

    Eli's accusatory stare silently judging Young when he lies about what happened on the planet and then being told to wipe the recording so that only Eli and Young know the real truth of who set Young up for Spencer's murder is heartbreaking. His naivety is jolted and Eli begins to grow up, emerging into that wonderful confident man in "Gauntlet."

    In "Space," Young is haunted by his emotional spur of the moment decision, realizing that his outburst has placed his crew and Destiny in danger when they encounter the Nakai for the first time. As he stated, his actions weren't those of the man he is. While he regretted the outcome, he had to firmly establish leadership control. Ultimately, that failure to command precipitated the confrontation in "Divided" with all parties recognizing their need for each other, working together as a team, if they are to survive in this most isolated environment.

    Of every version of Stargate, I dearly love SGU for it's real world, no holds barred this is it, in your face, desperate survival. The ultimate LOST (in space) show. Certainly, Dr Rush was as lost as a person could be when he woke from his beating, and looked up at the galactic swirl of stars and realized he'd probably pushed Young too far. And in true Rush fashion with his relentless single mindedness, he found a way to get off the planet. Absolutely, NOT how he would have envisioned.

    Rush showed a side of himself that surprised me when he went after Chloe before finding a way off the Nakai ship. I would never have imagined him doing something that selfless and it proved to have important relevance in the 2nd season episode "Cloverdale" and mid-season cliffhanger.

    While grim at times, SGU is rife with that Stargate trademark humor - Brody and Volker are priceless. I find myself laughing out loud to their dry, almost British, deadpan repartee. I cared as much for the 2nd tier characters as I did for the main cast. These characters were allowed to grow and be changed by events. Easily dismissible comments or events were interwoven throughout the show in dramatic fashion, like Dale Volker not having access to high blood pressure medication that results in a life threatening situation.

    I love SGU, and miss it terribly. So I'm left to imagine the possibilities that would have evolved for these characters and Destiny.

    Please MGM, let the movies be made. And I want my blu-ray for 2nd season SGU!!!!

  • Marjorie Roden - 10 years ago

    GOTTA go with SGU's Justice/Space, what a cliffhanger and what an untimate face-off between Young & Rush that ultimately sets the tone for the divisions that later take place in the series. Amazing acting by EVERYONE in these 2 eppy's in that everyone had their "star" moments in them, loved it!!!

  • PeteT - 10 years ago

    This Mortal Coil / Be All My Sins Remember'd are among the best episodes in the franchise I believe. This Mortal Coil is one of those high concept stories full of twists and surprises that Stargate manages to pull off so well, whilst Be All My Sins Remember'd is a thrill ride with some of the most memorable moments from Atlantis including the 'Horizon' launch scene and everyone's favorite Friendly Replicator Android! Hello! Oh and I almost forgot about that 'Holy crap!' final scene!! Amazing TV!

  • Janet - 10 years ago

    G'day Joe

    I voted for Evolution 1&2.
    Even separated SG-1 kicks arse. That codpiece, well what can I say. Those super soldiers, Kull warriors were very cool and UGLY. When that warrior comes out of the smoke, that sent shivers up and down my spine. Still does...
    Plus there was JackSam ship, what more does a Stargate episode need :p
    Major Carter gets her first command of a mission. Well done Samantha.

    Thanks for Stargate

  • Wyllyam - 10 years ago

    Tough choices. Had to go with The Storm. The storm, the invaders, the lightning, all aspects touched on in other series but meshed together on a city designed to survive sinking in water just brought it out above the rest. That and the probable unintentional connection to the Atlantis Mythos of a city ringed by a complex canal system which would have issues with flooding... :D

  • Michelle - 10 years ago

    It was a hard choice between several of these. I thought back to each of them and realized that the Storm and The Eye are two episodes that I've watched repeatedly on DVD- so winner for me. I liked that Sheppard was able to show that he could be a bada## when forced to and had more than just a pilot background. I always hoped this situation would have been brought up by McKay, or another character, when Ronon newly arrives and thinks Sheppard to be lazy and kind of weak.

  • GraemeQ - 10 years ago

    Voted for Stargate Universe - Season 2 Resurgence/Deliverance

    Touching character moments, nonstop action and amazing special effects. What’s not to love!

  • Jonathan MacEachern - 10 years ago

    We had a long family meeting over this issue, one great thing about the Stargate Franchise in this house has to be it's multigenerational appeal. My wife and three kids, 1 18yo Girl, 1 14yo Boy, 1 10yo Boy, and I have watched the series since the first time we discovered it. My kids grew up on Stargate, that being said, a consencious could not be reached. Therefore I thought it only fair to list our choices, my wife (Krista) and my daughter (Tracie) both love S2 SG1 Tok'ra. Myself and my eldest son both agreed with S6 SG1 Prometheus/Unnatural Selection, while my youngest son, who got caught up in the reruns after first loving Atlantis due to his youth (Devon) says his favorite episode from Atlantis S1 The Storm/The Eye.

    Although SGU has worth, even some episodes as stand alone mini movies, as we look at it, this final addition to the Stargate family was, well, not very Stargate worthy. We all agree, along with friends of ours that Atlantis should have been aired longer, SG1 was the best, killing Atlantis to bring out the disfunctional SGU was a crime. Again we did, as stand alone mini's, not associated with the franchise in question, where not to bad. As Stargate goes though, we weep for Atlantis and SG1.

    Lovers of Stargate

  • Tammi K - 10 years ago

    Tough call. I'm torn between The Storm/The Eye and First Contact/ Lost Tribe. I've always had a soft spot for Daniel Jackson, but I went with The Storm/ The Eye for the great character development in the first season.

  • Rico - 10 years ago

    It was hard to choose but I voted for Tok'ra 1/2. So many great shows over the years!

  • TJ - 10 years ago

    Season 6 - Prometheus/Unnatural Selection
    Bet two parter in the whole franchise! Watched this for about the 6th time a few weeks back. Because I have watched the whole series in order a few times, there is so much build up about the public finding out about the stargate. This leads us to believe there is a greater risk of the information leaking out, shows an underground facility for building next gen space ships and unveils the new ship. The scene when we get to see it launch!!! So great.

    Love the blog. Keep it up!

  • yazid - 10 years ago

    The Stargate franchise is the best regarding to the mid-season episodes. Such great moments as the results of an amazing job. Well done !

  • Line Noise - 10 years ago

    I voted for The Storm/The Eye because that’s what most people voted for and I wanted to be in the running for the autographed scripts. Is that mercenary of me? :-)

    The reality is that even though I’m a huge fan I also have a really bad memory and don’t take much notice of episode titles so even though I will have seen all the episodes in question I can’t remember what happens in them!

  • Dallas - 10 years ago

    Voted for The Storm/The Eye because any Die Hard-type setup always rocks, but then you go and add the vs. nature/impending doom element and it pushes it over the top. +1 for missing this great franchise!

  • SG-any fan - 10 years ago

    I voted for the Tok'ra 1+2 because it became poignant for me when Jacob joined with a symbiote and father and daughter finally understood each other. My own dad died from cancer and the fantasy that he could have been cured and lived another amazing life roaming the universe still makes me pause and wish that such a happy ending could happen in real life....

  • Andrew McCann - 10 years ago

    Stargate Atlantis, season 1: The Storm/The Eye. ts just one of the most amazng charcter devlopment episodes. it alowed us to see what they were all like under the pressure of loseing people they barley knew.

  • Netty - 10 years ago

    I voted for The Storm/Eye. I was great having all the different characters interact and react to the crisis/s. Also loved the threat of nature as well as man on Atlantis. Action, suspense, comedy and awesomeness all in one!!

  • riley - 10 years ago

    It seems my first comment didn't go through. I voted The Storm/The Eye. Kolya, Brave McKay, Soldier-Sheppard, Teyla kicking arse, lots and lots of water, and the Bacon Guys!

  • riley - 10 years ago

    ... and second must go to The Lost Boys/The Hive - that whole bit from where McKay takes the enzyme overdose, right through to where he collapses in the gateroom - some of the best stuff ever!

  • Toan - 10 years ago

    Stargate Atlantis, season 1: The Storm/The Eye

    This ep shows us that this city is truely surrounded by water.
    Trying to make alliances with others to save themselves.

  • Lewis - 10 years ago

    This Mortal Coil/Be All My Sins was my favorite 2 parter… but I didn't vote for it. I voted for Return I & II, because of one reason: Robert Picardo (Woolsey). This is the story that makes it possible/believable for him to take the reigns per say of Atlantis 2 years later. I've always loved Picardo as an actor, but never really cared for the Woolsey character (face it, he was kind of a snot in the beginning) until the Return episodes. As an actor we all knew that Picardo could hold his own, but as a character this is the first time that Woolsey shows that he can too ..from comedy to action to even showing that he can possibly take the lead (with a little help from his friends that is). The plot is a great one… our team has basically been kicked off of Atlantis for good, O'Neill & Woolsey are trapped and in over their heads (at this point Jack has really got to be hating the whole idea of replicators and his bad karma with them) at Atlantis, the SGA team has to find a way to take back Atlantis but has to find a way to get there first. The unseen part of the story is just as interesting (left up to the viewer to imagine) with the Atlantis Expedition members overcrowding Stargate Command and feeling like fish out of water and making for many uncomfortable situations.. I'm sure Ronan & Teal'c got along splendidly. The O'Neill/Woolsey pairing was genius, it's like an abstract version of Batman and Robin without the capes mixed with Abbot & Costello. You know that RDA will deliver the comedy/action goods with O'Neill, but it is Picardo's fresh take on Woolsey that steals the show. Don't get me wrong, it's still the same Woolsey but his extended portrayal casts a better light on the character making him not only a stronger character but a game changer; which is why he was the perfect fit to replace Sam as Expedition leader in season 5. At the end of the episode, Atlantis and its people are more than a pile of paperwork from another galaxy to Woolsey, but rather a place where good can be achieved by doing great things. And thankfully he eventually became a key part in those great things being achieved. Return wasn't about the return of the Asurans and what they had become, it was about the return of Woolsey and what he was going to become!

  • Ashley - 10 years ago

    I voted for The Storm/The Eye - the s1 Atlantis midbreak, because of it's pure tension. At the time, I hated it, not knowing what who lived and died, with John frantically shouting, pleading even, into a radio (Kolyaaaaaaaaaaaaa), or even the bigger picture - would the city itself survive? - but in the end it just made the conclusion that much more satisfying, and it did a great job re-establishing Kolya as the perenial antagonist that Robert Davi just plays so well.

  • Luc Blackburn - 10 years ago

    Once i heard about that Daniel would be back for the mid-season two-parter, I was quite happy that the main head about ancient history and the one who "always find something so much cool". (What about when he explain the 8 chevron in the pilot ??? yeah !! ) Indeed, he did ! Just talking about it make me want to watch it again ! The McKay and Jackson relation and story was a really enjoyable moment.

    Something else that is really important for is that Joel has always find a way to bring the SG-1 music with his character. It was the case when Daniel arrive in Atlantis. Those kind of moment where you miss so much a character (and the serie) and there you, the magic is made ! (15 seconds in)


    P.S.: C'est dure à croire qu'il n'a pas eu de saison 6 !!!

  • Joel - 10 years ago

    This Mortal Coil/Be All My Sins Remember'd is a amazing 2-parter! The final battle in the replicator planet was epic! and my favorite character appears again (although not the real Weir)

  • Fabien - 10 years ago

    The Storm/The Eye is a very good 2-parter. It kind of prefigures what is going to happen during the whole series, where the city will be at the brink of destruction but saved at the last moment. It also really sets one of the Atlantis expedition’s enemies (at least for the first seasons), and show us the relation that bound the characters and their personnality.
    Very good episodes.
    I also really liked Universe’s Resurgence/Delivrance.


  • Seren - 10 years ago

    The Storm/The Eye! Kolyaaaa!
    Loved Shep being the dot taking out the other dots.

  • Catherine - 10 years ago

    I was really torn between Evolution and Quest for SG1 and First Contact/Lost Tribe was hands down for Atlantis. Actually, all the Atlantis, and the other SG1, have really great moments, Universe were some of my least favorite episodes of all, to be honest.

    Evolution, Quest and FC/LT are my favorites as a whole, though, not just for parts of, or a great moment from. If I could choose three from your list, they'd get my vote easy. As for just one? In the end I had to go for Quest, and the more I think about the list, the easier a choice it is. I think it wins as my most watched episode for all of the three series, I love just about every last moment from those two parts.

    Guess what I'll be watching today? ;)

  • Dutch Destiny - 10 years ago

    First Contact/The Lost Tribe, we got badass Asgard with awesome suits, mckay and daniel jackson back and forth talking was totally awesome, i seen all stargates including the movies, and this season finale i remember like it was yesterday. damn i miss stargate!

    We need more good sci fi shows! gogo Joseph bring us Dark Matter to the screen! pretty please ;)

  • Ben - 10 years ago

    Stargate Atantis, season 4: This Mortal Coil/Be All My Sins Remember'd

    The end of it - that many ships, the fight scene & planet exploding, what more could you want.

  • Gilder - 10 years ago

    Joe, check your seasons, please.

  • astropaint - 10 years ago

    The Quest 1 and 2......every time I watch the episodes and Sam finally halls off and socks Baal, I can't help but cheer.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Baal, as a character he grows on you, but sometimes his smart-ass mouth just needs to shut the hell up....LOL.

    I'm so glad it was Sam that did the honors. (But then, I also loved the line from years ago about our reproductive organs being on the inside).

  • BlackLabel1803 - 10 years ago

    The Return. I loved Oneill and Woolsey.

  • BiloBella&Kasper - 10 years ago

    SGA Season 5: McKay & Daniels...what more can I say?

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