Is this a watch you would wear?


  • Rod - 7 years ago

    Where can i find this watch? How much It Costs?

  • Rodrigo - 11 years ago

    I would definitely wear this watch, even though I clearly recognize all the blatantly copied design elements from Hublot, Concord and - most of all - Audemars Piguet. Funny though is that I happen to love all those brands and their ultra-modern -- arguably hideous -- watch designs, but I can't afford owning them all, the AP ROO in particular. That said, I for one think that for under a grand this watch is a serious looker, and one that I would consider buying.

    The pictures you posted and the few ones I found online renders the watch a feeble, cheap, plastic look that I suspect the actual watch does not have. About the movement, the rotor design is terrible, but I don't see anything bad other than that. About it being a chinese movement, what in modern life isn't chinese these days?!? I surely wouldn't pay 5k for such a watch, but less than 1k? Yes, I would.

  • Vincent Fall - 11 years ago

    Pricing this watch in the sub $1k area makes it a decent watch to add to your collection as a kick around as I do with the Citizen Eco-Drice Aqualand Chrono or the Seiko Solar Chronograph series.

  • Aaron Thompson - 11 years ago

    Looks like another run of the mill watch to me. I'm not really wowed at all.

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