Does the process of gavage affect your decision to eat foie gras?


  • The Voice of Reason - 12 years ago

    Seriously? All you anti-animal people need to learn how to read, especially YOU Omar, with your idiotic comparisons that trivialize important issues. NO ONE IS TRYING TO STOP ANYONE FROM HAVING THE RIGHT TO EAT OR PRDOUCE FOI GRAS. The issue is having fois gras made humanely, which no one should ever have a problem with that has an ounce of empathy in their body. And quit complaining about being "forced" to do things. Companies and manufactureres have to follow guidelines all the time to ensure public health, safety, etc. I'm sure they would rather cut corners as well to save a buck. So GET OVER YOURSELF and do something productive today.

  • Bren - 12 years ago

    This is disgusting! I am a farm girl and I will NOT eat anything that is mistreated before it is butchered. I love meat, but animals should not be abused for any reason and this is clearly abuse.

  • Nancy - 12 years ago

    I LOVE fois gras, always have. Having spent time in SW France & seen how they raise their fowl--it's not in the least abusive. Get a life, people--just because YOU don't like something you want to remove other people's ability to choose? I'm a lifelong animal lover & horsewoman--the whole animal rights activist-PETA agenda makes me crazy--a bunch of uneducated, obseesed, terminally unhappy narrow-minded fascist fanatics.

  • martina nienhuis - 12 years ago

    so cruel, so unnecessary,we did come out of the stone age you know....but for those who continue to eat it there will be sweet revenge in the end, your own liver........

  • martina nienhuis - 12 years ago

    so cruel, so unnecessary,we did come out of the stone age you know....but for those who continue to eat it there will be sweet revenge in the end, your own liver........

  • STU hunts and eat animals - 12 years ago

    all of you animal rights people need to get a life!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce - 12 years ago

    To all the people who talk about "Save the Ducks", these are food animals. They are raised to be butchered. They would not exist if they were not going to be butchered. If you want to raise and save your ducks then do so. But you certainly can't be naive enough to think a company would breed and raise a duck just to keep it. They do so to butcher and sell it. So get off the "Save the animal" nonsense. If your objection is the force feeding that might be something to discuss. But the animals are going to be shocked, killed, cut up and eventually served on someone's plate. Anyone who thinks these ducks would even exist to be "saved" if they did not serve this purpose is not in touch with reality. And anyone who thinks that they should legislate what people can and can't eat had better start wondering what else someone who wants to dictate those parts of your life that do not negatively impact anyone else might chose to legislate next. Maybe how long and how often you can shower? Or what color clothes you can wear? Or how long your hair is. Or how many puncture holes you can put in your body or if you can imbed ink in your skin? Be careful what you start wanting to give others the right to control, they might choose to control something you care about next.

  • Steven Michael - 12 years ago

    For all those who think it's okay to force-feed any living being against their will, then why don't you put yourself in that position and get food jammed down your throat, then see how you like it!

  • Danny - 12 years ago

    People are upset that animal rights activists stand for something like animals, huh? It's all about choice, huh? Slavery used to be profitable too. People stood up for those who had no rights. Tradition is no excuse for this barbaric process.

  • Jonathan Brooks - 12 years ago

    The "USDA inspection" proficiency is misrepresented. Look up the AETA comment from Michael Hill in the Case Western Law Review; Hill recounts the well-documented failure of the USDA to regulate animal welfare. Of course, on a guided tour by a salaried veterinarian, the farm is readied for inspection. Daily operations are cleaned up for show. USDA inspectors rarely perform surprise visits. Most often they are friendly with the farm operator and schedule an inspection on an annual or bi-annual basis. The renowned author, Leo Tolstoy, once wrote that it is immoral to exploit animals because there is no necessity for most of us to do so. Foie Gras is laden with LDL Cholesterol, the primary contributing catalyst for the most common causes of death around the world, especially in exorbitant national economies built upon animal consumption. Give it up. Mercy before murder!

  • James - 12 years ago

    They are animals that would not exist except for their food value. Animals do not have rights. The concept of conveyance of rights is a distinctly human creation. If you don't like the product, don't buy it. Don't tell me what not to eat.

  • Kate - 12 years ago

    Shame on those who believe this practice is okay. I am not saying that eating meat is wrong, but what has happened to our humanity? Just because we are on top of the food chain does not give anyone the right to be cruel. Pain is pain and fear is fear, I don't care what species you are. What has happened to having and teaching respect for any type of life? I am ashamed of what the human race has become, arrogant and selfish.

  • andrew - 12 years ago

    I am Canadian and am against and wont eat it just to piss off the french who campaign as holier than thou against the Canadian seal hunt, which provides a worthy means for a living for our natives.

  • D2or3 - 12 years ago

    People have serious mental problems if they think it's OK to cram tubes down ducks' throat to force feed them. Save the animals. Humans are the monsters.

  • B - 12 years ago

    I prefer to eat vegetarian dishes, for my personal preference, but I still eat meat occasionally. Taking that into consideration, I refuse to eat animal organs; as a doctor I know what the human organs process and I can't justify eating animal ones. But, it is a slaughterhouse, designed for the purpose of breeding and killing an animal and turning them into an economical product. As a person that believes in civil rights and equality, I believe choice is a factor that others should not be able to make in our lives. If individuals want to order fatty liver from a duck, then by all means, if you have the economical ability do proceed.

    Individuals opposed to slaughterhouses and similar actions have their right to be opposed to them. What if though, society dictated that all individuals are required to eat meat, slaughtered in inhumane ways? Advocates for removing the right to choose are always pro denial of rights to others, but never seem to stop and think about what would happen if the reversal of what they are trying to achieve would occur and impact them adversely.

    I personally do not agree with force-feeding for slaughter, or slaughterhouses in general if there are viable alternatives. We should not impose our will onto another through legislative mangling though.

  • Hornsea - 12 years ago

    Why don't you ban Chicken as well?

  • omar - 12 years ago

    I find it sad that most of the people against this practice have no problem fighting to prevent the rights of others to choose. I am pretty sure that many of them would gladly stand outside of McD's in order to try and force it to close.
    What I am truly disgusted by is the fact that they are more facist than Islamist Fanatics. I consider and Vegan, vegitarian, animal rights activists and especially if you are a member of PETA on the same level as a child raping woman killing racists anit-semitic sludge on the arse end of a roach crawling through five years of piled of diarea sewers in the worste toliet in the world.
    We live in a free country where we can choose for ourselves. I love foie gras I love cuisine and if it truly does get banned I plan on buying my own ducks and making my own. My land my property come on my land and the only way you will leave is in a box.

    And before we even get into the argument I do not come from some rural back woods home far removed from the city. I am an educated individual which is more than I can say for the animal rights activist scum that come out of the woodwork for a bird but refuse to support equal rights for same sex couples or even fight for Equal Human rights for the millions upon millions of women around the world who are tortured abused and killed just for being women.

  • meatavore rights - 12 years ago

    I did not know what foi gras was until 8 years ago when I first heard about the California ban. Once I found out, I saw and tried it and although I was not repulsed by it, I certainly didn't salivate over it. Since then I have made it a point to order foi gras anywhere it's sold despite not liking it. Why? because I cannot agree with the way animal loving fanatics presume to dictate the lives of people around them. Animals are not and never will be the equals of humans. They are food and I don't feel they need to be accorded any "rights" So please stop telling me what I can and cannot do if all that's getting "hurt" is my food.

  • Phil - 12 years ago

    You people that are pro foie gras really are disgusting examples of human beings. That is all.

  • Peter - 12 years ago

    Foie Gras is a delicacy that, prepared by the right chef and paired right, unlocks a rich flavor. I am not rich at all but I appreciate cuisine. It's always same animal rights a holes that want to tell everyone else what to do, and how inhumane it is and this and the other thing. Most of you people are pro choice but god forbid we should force feed an animal to fatten it up. We'll see one day how you all fair when the organic vegan grocer is looted and fairway closes shop and you actually have to grow and hunt your own food. At least the weak minded will die off...

  • Donald - 12 years ago

    California is a cartoon and it's politics a national joke.
    Morons have no business telling us what to eat or not eat, let alone make laws!
    As to force feeding, how about the activists stop with the propaganda, and watch something other than Disney.

  • pam - 12 years ago

    Do you really think they are going to show you how they REALLY force feed these animals?? It is a mass production type company. There is speed involved, so being careful is not a top priority. Also, do any of you know what they liver does in ANY living species body?? It detoxifies and helps to rid the body of wastes. Why on earth would anyone want to eat DISEASED liver?? There has been a lot of video showing the inhumane practice. That is the reason why people and states are coming around to banning this horribly cruel food option. Shame on anyone who supports this. There is a special place in hell for these people where a tube is going to be placed down your esophagus and you will be force fed. The manner of this says it all-FORCE FED! No living creature-human or animal should be forced to do anything. Unfortunately, not enough people care about that.

  • Christopher - 12 years ago

    To this day I do not know of any form of slaughter that is humane. Certainly slaughter for Beef is not, nor is chicken, turkey, or any other form of live consumable product. For that matter would you consider catching a fish humane? If the idea is simply that the technique used in the process of creating the fatty liver is what gets to you then why don't you just not eat it. It would be a very rare occurence that these farm born ducks would even be able to survive in the wild. Let a person decide for themselves. Is snipping a top off a basil bush humane? Anyone?

  • jeremy - 12 years ago

    So... we're in an "economic downturn", yet there is an increasing demand for some of the most expensive niche foods that only the rich can afford? If our public schools were strong enough to teach kids math properly - we'd be in a revolution right now.

    As for eating this (and for the most part most organ meats are bad for you) look up Amyloidosis, which can be transmited from consuming $50 fatty french foul fowl liver.

  • Kyra - 12 years ago

    Please don't eat Foie Gras!!! Its brutal, inhumane not to mention expensive... I cant believe there is so much coverage lately on the process and people still eat it....Save the Ducks ^_^ Thanks

  • Sue - 12 years ago

    Cruel, disgusting process that no argument can prove otherwise. Those that eat it are eating a disease! If this was a human's liver, they would be on Lipitor.

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