How much influence did your father have on your woodworking?


  • Jack - 9 years ago

    My father was one of the best framer and rough carpenters that I ever came across and I was in the building inspection industry for 26 years. He was also a whiz at hanging doors in existing jambs. He could build a set of kitchen cabinets faster than I can lay them out and create a cut list. He would frame houses with a six-inch skil saw hung around his neck so as not to take extra steps. His main influence on me was twofold. First he taught me how to work and the ethics of work. Secondly, he taught me the importance of having good tools. You see, my dad did not have a good and accurate tool in the shop. His homemade doweling machine sits in my shop today for nostalgic reasons. I swore, that the day I started purchasing tools for my shop, I would never sacrifice accuracy for price. I will never forget his influences, I will trip over the doweling machines foot pedal if I do.

  • EZ - 9 years ago

    My dad, even though he built his own home w/ 3 car garage, was not a 'woodworker'.... He was into metal, mainly aluminum tube and sheet metal... What he taught me (actually cursed me with) was being a perfectionist... "Close enough" - was never in his vocabulary... Sometimes in woodworking, close enough has to be ok.... and it drives me NUTS!!! Thanks (sorta) dad.... Happy Fathers Day... RIP

  • - 9 years ago

    Being a Machinist in the NAVY influenced me, and the exorbitant prices of the furniture I love!

  • Brian Brazil - 9 years ago

    My first real woodworking tool was a sliding compound miter saw I "borrowed" from my father. That's gotta count for something!

  • Denny - 9 years ago

    its a shame but my father has never been a "hands on guy". Thank God my grandfather was, he was a trained carpenter that showed me the ropes at an early age. My shop today was built by my grandfather and I before he passed away from cancer. My shop means a lot to me for that reason alone.

  • Sam Hamory - 12 years ago

    My Dad thought fine furniture could be made of 2x4's and 16p nails. He wasn't my wood working influence. He also smashed his violin on his little brother at five yrs old, I play piano, he wasn't my musical influence either.
    My Father was the warmest, hug filled man I've ever known. That was his influence. Happy fathers day!

  • John - 12 years ago

    My grandpa was the spark! He retired at 70 and then began woodworking. He filled all his family and friends houses with aside variety of beautiful and fun pieces! The bug caught. Thanks grandpa!!!

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