Which recording do you prefer?


  • Limolin - 10 years ago

    I will try to explain this in english, I also play piano and my current situation doesn't let me have enough space for a grand piano, so I'm playing with my E-Piano and I have two of them, because one of them is lighter and transportable.

    But If I could decide, I would change to an grand piano, because except for better recodring quality (it is true that the sound of an E-piano is heard more clearly most of the time), I think on the grand piano there is more,...majesty, feeling, excitement You know ? Its just...the sound depends on the grand piano and not the electronic, and the keys on one of my E-pianos are sadly much more lighter so I play differently on the grand piano to have another speed or sound volume.

    Theres just more feeling into it D:. It must not be perfect sound like E-piano, because the grand piano is so amazing that the sound overcomes this weakneass...

    Okay that wasn't so neutral. I just love grand pianos.
    On the other side, if you currently can't offer playing on a grand piano, some people who try to play your sheet musics or try to play an interpretition on their own will prefer the E-piano (and of course I think you do play for us, so we can also try it) but for my personally I just like to hear your music, and don't really try to reaply your style ^^.

  • kuroyukihime - 10 years ago


    baka, baka, baka, baka!!

  • Salion920 - 10 years ago

    Unexpectedly, after comparing the recent recording to other recordings you've done, I liked the electric piano recording better. Since all of the notes are in tune on the electric, the tones blend together better. It was nice hearing the bass be a little more prominent on the electric, as well. Live, I might prefer the grand, but between the different recorder and my decades-old computer speakers, the electric piano actually came out on top for me.

  • findlay27 - 10 years ago

    I prefer the old style, however voted both. While there is a minute amount of distortion, I still feel that the acoustic piano both looks, and feels better on your videos. One element in particular is bass.

    Mentioned in the comments, but if you happen to find it of use, some distortion of audio can be removed by using a plugin called "cliffix" in Audacity. You lower the audio by about 10DB, the tool attempts to fix any unstable audio, then you amplify it back. You lost about 1-3DB from the audio, but it can sometimes be that oomph needed to get a balance between the quality of the audio, compared to the quantity of the volume output.

    In any case, good luck coming to a comfortable choice, no matter what piano you choose to play, it wont deter impressions, so it's entirely down to your personal choice.

    Kind Regards
    ~ Martin

  • regedit - 10 years ago

    Grand piano sound more alive than the digital piano.

  • kuroyukihime - 10 years ago

    The grand piano, despite the inferior audio recorder, it provides bass which the electric lacks.

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