Do you think Chris Bosh's child support payments should be increased?


  • Andrea - 11 years ago

    The cs should be increased simply because of his salary, not because she signed up for food stamps or any other reason. A normal guy with a regular job paying cs would have to pay more cs if he received a raise or got more money. Just because Bosh is a basketball player, people shouldnt automaticaly think the baby's mother is greedy or a gold digger. If he living the life his children should at least be able to have finer things to.
    Now if he wants his daughter to go to London to watch him play in the Summer Olympics, why shouldnt she be able to go? I dont agree with her not being able to go but hey thats their battle

  • Gwen Council - 11 years ago

    i don't have a problem with these children getting support.if you didn't have the child how would you support yourself.stop pimping our children.take what you have be thankful an move on.we want our children to pay half our bills.if he wants to take his child let him.the child is not ransom for your can make it. down size an move on, and one day your child will thank you for your strength. don't make your child live a lie.any question fb me.

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