Do you agree with Walker's decision to not allow a Hebrew translation of her book?


  • detra - 12 years ago

    I think the color purple has a message that needs to be heard.South Africa needed that message the most during apratied, so many people could be helped to think differently,to see others differently to challenge belief. It is easy to "preach to the choir"and just share with like minded peoples. Isreal could benifit from the message that color purple delivers. Use the art of film to tell a story to change hearts and minds.many could be reached and shouldn't hold it back from them. They need it the most.

  • rzar - 12 years ago

    With Ms. Walker, I agree wholeheartedly. After systematically killing all Kings of Africa, and leaders for years (.... Yasser Arafat, Anwar Sadat, Saddam, Khadafi, .... etc.,) for Wealth, power, oil and land.. Migrant Africans with wars brought on by (Israel's) so-called 'ethnic cleansing' in their own homelands have fled to Israel for safety - Are seen as a Cancer to Israeli society, and concentration camps have been set up as housing. These so-called Jews are not God's Chosen One's. Israel is THE BEAST.. to be dealt with by THE GOD.

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