Would a soda ban impact your decision to visit a city?


  • JESS - 11 years ago

    People are born with "Free Will". Banning large drinks is kind of ludicrous, and will not stop anyone from drinking gallons of soda if they want to drink gallons of soda! BUT what it might do is cut down on WASTE! Many people buy the big drinks, and / or get refills, because most often they are free, and the person feels entitled! and then they throw away a major portion of the drink. If one wants to consume a gallon of sugar laden soda pop knowing full well it can kill them, let them do it! They will be the ones to suffer with a stroke, heart attack, and/or diabetes, and lumber around overweight. FREE WILL is about CHOICE! MAYBE the aim should be to get the corporation that MAKE SODA POP | Soft Drinks | whatever you call them in your vehicular, to reduce the amount of sugar used in the production. Tourism dollars will NEVER be affected by a ban on 8 | 16 | 32 or 64 oz. soda pop!

  • CB - 11 years ago

    Giant people drink Giant soda's.

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