Should Dolphy be conferred the National Artist title?


  • Benedict Carl - 11 years ago

    Aside from being good in his more or less a thousand films, he is also good in the ART of helping others.

    My father once told me, the original King of Comedy is Pugo (Mariano Contreras). Dolphy in one of his interviews mentioned that he learned from that guy. What humility. Credit is given by Dolphy to Pugo. Dolphy keeps on learning afterwards.

    The guy has good character, good in his art and loved by the people.

    Ultimately, if not in our time, history will correct itself by awarding him the NAA. He deserves it.

  • Benedict Carl - 11 years ago

    Unfair naman if you will judge Dolphy because of his personal life relative to the National Artist Award.

    Are we sure that all separation was due to Dolphy's fault?

    But we are sure that all his children and previous wives were taken care of, judging from how they are right now.

    Dami naman masalimuot ang buhay na mga artist, Van Gogh is one.

    As to some of his film has kabaklaan, I leave it to the "gay" community to answer someone's discrimination in the earlier comments. The films kabaklaan is required to make people laugh at the situation.

    Let us be open-minded and not opinionated.

  • WINEL BOSTON - 11 years ago

    ano naman ang na contribute niya sa Pinas?? ang pangongolekta ng anak sa ibat ibang babae na ni isa walang pinakasalan??? iyan ba ang tamang kulturang dapat iwanan niya sa mga Pilipino? ano naman ang naitulong sa mga pelikula niyang puro kabaklaan - kaya dumarami ang mga bakla sa Pinas ???

  • andee asuncion - 11 years ago

    ..but why only now?? coz he's ill thats why you are nominating him?? sana nuon pa, deserving naman talaga siya eh.,opinyon ko lang po, ahm let's pray for the safe of one and only comedy king dolphy. :(

  • mellab - 11 years ago

    The likes of Dolphy and other movie stars which are commercial artists cannot be mistaken as artists per se in fairness to true blue artists.

    Dolphy has contributed so much to the performing arts. A different title would have suited to the likes of him. Something like, Pambansang Artista sa Pelikula. (o bongga)

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