What's the best way to celebrate a first anniversary?

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Posted 7 years.


  • MOM - 7 years ago

    Considering how busy you are right now, it may be hard to get away. So just do something special, something fun, something you can remember 30 years from now. Because, quite honestly, I'm not sure what we did for our first anniversary!

  • Mary - 7 years ago

    My parents froze our cake for us so we took it on our anniversary trip. We didn't go far but went to a Bed & Breakfast. It was fantastic! We really tried making it as special as possible but not overly priced. The day of our one-year anniversary was a Sunday so that night we ate our cake and talked about the year and how we thought of marriage so far. :) We also talked about the good times and harder times and how we could do better to serve each other. It's also fun if you have the video from your wedding available and watch it to remember! :) We're glad we went all out as much as possible because this year for our 2nd year anniversary we had just moved, paying for two apartments at the time, and didn't want to overdo it. However we are expecting baby #1 this fall and wanted to do something before we had kids and needed sitters! But traveling wasn't an option because of financial decisions. So we went out to eat and walked around a mall. We had only been to the new town for a couple of weeks so it was really meaningful. My husband and I are not big gift people so we decided that new couches for our new apartment would be the best anniversary gift anyways! :) We watch our money so that someday we can buy a house and make it very special. Until then we watch our pockets and try to make the best financial decisions but also keep in mind to make things memorable and special. :) Have fun!

  • Merritt | LiveSimplyLove - 7 years ago

    I think it's awesome that NO ONE has voted for the cake and dress thing! We did both...and it was certainly anti-climactic. I think getting away just the two of you is a great way to celebrate and gives you time--away from your daily routine--to talk and laugh about the last year of your life and celebrate what God has done in your lives! Whatever you do - have fun!!

  • Elizabeth - 7 years ago

    All of the above. Just plan a week-long celebration, since this is not only your one-year but also your 7.5 (? right ?) year anniversary. Definitely eat the cake AND do paper presents, but a fancy date would also be cool.

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