Would you vote Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens into the Hall of Fame?
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  • tophatal - 9 years ago

    Based solely on their achievement then the answer would be yes . But of these players come along with a load of baggage and in no way have they been entirely honest with the public . This is a game that's meant to have been built on principles but those were eschewed long ago .

    There's no purity to this game it's been corrupted by cheating and a hierarchy that on appearance so damn retarded and completely bereft of intelligence . Simply let the old timers hearken back to days of old when there was even more social injustice but for many in their eyes the game was entertaining .

    Dwindy made a comment about race and concerning Bonds and the Justice System going after him . Less we forget Hank Aaron on the night he became the homerun king was threatened and taunted with racial epithets before and after he surpassed that hallowed mark . Now what ?

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