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  • Pennie - 7 years ago

    Kim looks like a stripper with way too much boobage hanging out. Rachel looks classy and rocks this dress. I do like Kim's shoes better.

  • AMaMa - 7 years ago

    I am so over the Kardashians! Yeah to Rachael for showing how REAL women can rock sexy and ladylike at the same time!

  • MsML - 7 years ago

    Sometimes cleavage just looks plain trashy

  • margie - 7 years ago

    Kim looks like a hooker in this dress. Rachel looks classy!

  • Julie_c - 7 years ago

    Another comment for Macy:

    Sorry, please disregard the last two lines of my earlier comment. I was editing what I had written originally and did not delete it entirely.

    Also, I had a momentary brain freeze and ended up using a description that first came to mind "elevation" - what I had meant to say to describe that part of the body is "curvature" - of course.

    Have a nice day!

  • Julie_c - 7 years ago

    Hey, Macy:

    Just for clarification, Rachael's sandals are of the platform variety - so what you see is the height of the front - which is optically misleading and makes you think you are seeing the too-long insole.

    My opinion regarding the dress is probably too conservative for today's exaggerated fashion ideals. I'd rather see a just a slight, natural "elevation" of the breast than to see an artificially-enhanced bosom that looks like one-half of a grapefruit stuck to each side of the chest. Nothing beautiful or elegant about that.

    platform and not the makes them look too large. Actually, it's he height of the platform you see, not the you see the height

  • Compassionate Cat - 7 years ago

    I'm sorry that everyone wants to bash Kim but she definitely looks better than Rachel. Ray looks boxed up and uncomfortable in her own skin. Kim embraces her curves and wears the right shoes. Her peek a boo cleavage is what the designer intends so lighten up about that, come on!

  • Dawn Neal - 7 years ago

    Does everything Kim Kardashian wears have to have her boobs showing? seriously... Talk about being classless.. Rachel deffinatly wor it better. She looks proper, and more like an actual lady.

  • Fran - 7 years ago

    Neither one of these two should be wearing this dress, maybe someone like Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruz.

  • Boca Jan - 7 years ago

    I really like Rachel Ray. She is a down to earth woman with a real body and could be my neighbor and would give me a hug if I met her on the sidewalk. Anything Kardashian is cheap and self centered. I dislike the family and will change the channel if anything comes on with their face. GO AWAY

  • Macy - 7 years ago

    ok I know there are some serious haters out there but really its about tailoring and shoes in this situation. First off the shoes that Rachel chose are not right for the dress (too much strap makes her look shorter), not enough heel, not too mention the front end of the shoe is at least three inches longer than her toes (seriously take a double take at the pic). Secondly, Rachel's dress needs to be taut in the middle chest area to accenuate the bust (it is sheer there so there is supposed to be some boobage showing!). Thirdly, Rachel needed to have some length taken off the hem because she is a shorter gal (although if she had worn a higher heel without straps it would have elongated the leg).
    It looks better on Kim because she chose the right shoes and had the dress fitted properly to accenuate her curves.

  • Surinda - 7 years ago

    I'm shocked! Before I saw the pic, I just knew Kim Kardashian wore it better, but when then when I seen the pic, Rachael Ray all the way. From head to toe, Rachael Ray won! She looks chic and stylish, and she wore it so elegantly, and Kim made the dress more sexual and revealing. Good for Rachael.

  • Daniela - 7 years ago

    How people think Rachel Ray looks better in this dress is beyond me...

  • Kenzie - 7 years ago

    I think Kim looks really good. Rachel looks short and makes the dress look like a turtle neck I vote Kim!

  • Angela Dundon - 7 years ago

    I do not know who these people are, however , Kim looks much better as she is wearing this dress with class, style and elegance. Her face is showing confidence and self belief. Rachel seems to be less confident and perhaps not so use to this bust revealing style as she is not showing much. There are plenty fab clothes to suit every person so If you want to cover up ,then do. A beautiful body and figure is something to be celebrated , if one has the confidence to do this as Kim does. She probably has lots of bitchy comments to put up with though. Kim looks like a professional super model.Bring it on Kim she beautiful and she knows it.Rachael is also very beautiful and gives off an altogether different vibe in this picture. She looks friendly and fun. I would love to have a figure like either of these women.

  • Mrs. C - 7 years ago

    Rachael looks like a lady. Kim looks more like what my grandmother would have called a "lady of the evening." I do, however, like Kim's shoes.

  • elaine hayes - 7 years ago

    Kardashian makes the dress look trashy and vulgar!

  • ELLZY JONES - 7 years ago

    yes a even wardrobe affiar and Kardashian twighlightz her glamour while Rachel throwz thunder in leggz department!!( i like)

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