Should James Fortune Talk To The Media About The Child Abuse Case?


  • Lisa Herring - 10 years ago

    To the two people that commented I have one question, "are you out your GOD-DAMN Mind? That Motherfucker burned that little boy after he beat him with a switch. And, you nuts say that he is forgiven by God? You are as crazy as his ass, and I bet you have some child abuse in your pass. Let's see how you would like it if someone burned you with some hot ass water and left your dumb asses disfigured. You religious nuts are looking more and more like lunatic every passing day. I'm an Atheist, and i would never burn a child. And I sure as hell wouldn't stay with the bastard that burned mind. His Bitch ass wife should have killed his ass. That would be "standing your ground. "Morons!"

  • Meta Campbell-Wells - 10 years ago

    I think God has forgiven him. Thats what wrong with the world today, people want to give the devil glory, but only God gets my glory. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God, why question his judgement. I tell people all the time "God dont go around acting like you, so why do you go aroung acting like God and judge people". Exactly how sanctified did you say you were.....Thanks for blessing me daily !!!

  • T - 10 years ago

    The things we go thru are not just for us. If its true, expose the devil, repent, correct and move on accepting appropriate punishment. If its not true, expose the devil, and let the public see you stand while the Lord allows his will to be done. Never hide, for what is done in the dark will be brought to light.

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