Do you think Kristen and Rob will make great parents?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Dany - 7 years ago

    ele agora é corno, estão separados se caso eles voltarem tenho certeza q serão bons pais.

  • sarah - 7 years ago

    i totally dont agree with jade. they will b good parents i know it!! kristen will not get high while pregnant!! mind ur own fuckin business!!

  • jamie - 7 years ago

    hell yeah!! they will b the best fuckin parens evr!!

  • Jade - 7 years ago

    Hope she does't continue to get stoned while she's pregnant. The baby will be all high when delivered.

  • tiffany - 7 years ago

    from the way the are in twilight with the baby i think rob and kristen will make great parents and rob will sing the baby to sleep!! kristen will be a great mom. i love all the twilight movies!! i am the biggest twilight fan evr!! i think havin a baby will make them both more responsible!! also they will sort of get a break with the baby. i will be waiting to see the baby on the cover of a magizine when i go to the grocery store!! i love them both so i trust that they will make great parents!!! and if they dont then maybe their fans will help straighten them up!! adoption is a good option too though. so they have a lot to think about!! it will be harder to have the wedding if kristen has a baby bump!! they will have to rush around and it could be tough!! i am really happy that they are getting married and wan to start a family of their own!!! i think being in movies about love has helped them both realize what they want together in a relationship!!! i have faith that they will make great parents!!!! ;)

  • jamya - 7 years ago

    make mor previews ok and don't have the moveis having to wait a long time ok but also bella your are cute as a vampire ok you guys will make a good family take care of your fam bella and edward ok ok thx tell your baby i love her have a have life oh i thouth you was 25 and edward 25 to but he s 25 and you are 22 so that is a littel wird but i can not jughe a book by it'scover so bye love Jamya Snow have a great fam bye i wish you the best BYE BYE BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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