On football weeks, how will you handle CBS' Sunday-night line-up?

  • Linden - 9 years ago

    Please put your Sports Broadcasts in a Slot - and Use Fill-ins until the next 1/2 or whole hour starts. Set the other Shows to Start accordingly during the Sports Season. Or, perhaps suspend the Primetime shows until After the Football Season. Not everyone likes Football, or Sports. Logical if you want peoples favorite shows to have the ratings. Unless you are perhaps placing them in those spots to guarantee they get cancelled? Not everyone likes Football. It's a shame to lose viewers because of this, your advertisers lose us too.

  • debbie - 9 years ago

    I think they should adopt the same method that FOX is doing. When the late game is finished, they have a post-game fill-in until the top of the 8pm hour. CBS really needs to CANCEL SIXTY MINUTES or put it on at 8pm and have two one hour shows instead of three. I really believe that is what happened to good shows like CSI: Miami. Viewers were just sick and tired of staying up extremely late to watch their favorite shows. CBS NEEDS TO FIX THIS!

  • gary - 9 years ago

    I will try to watch ondemand if it is not available CBS will lose another viewer

  • Renee - 9 years ago

    You forgot to list option D...just watch the football.

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