What's The Most Important Factor In Choosing A Book To Read?

  • Nicole - 9 years ago

    Hi. I actually do more than one answer in your poll. I will read the book if the author is known to me and/or if I like the book by its back cover blurb, a sample of the book or skipping through it. I also have a Nook now and download free samples of all authors. Plus I download samples of the books in a series I have yet to get. I read books on lists generated by the newspapers and friends. Plus I also read books recommended by friends. As an aspiring author, I also read books written by the authors that I have spoken with. I am waiting for a Kindle because of the fact that a lot of people that I talk to are actually more readily available on a Kindle than my Nook. A little disappointed in that but that is how it goes. So I like your post and I agree with some of what you said. And I think people should pay attention to it too.

  • Kathy Calarco - 9 years ago

    Amy, loved this blog entry! Lately I've wondered about the industry, especially when I see that a book considered "erotica" and spouted as "not well written" is on the best selling list. Did it get there because so many are self-pubbing that the number of submissions to traditional publishers has diminished? Gotta wonder about that, and I do, not that it explains why an erotica-genre book is a hot seller when the genre has been around in the RWA for EONS, just saying.

    Here's to traditional publishing. May my house never grow wheels (inside joke). Cheers!

  • Carol - 9 years ago

    If a book in a store or in the library keeps 'beckoning' to me, I will get that one and this method has yet to fail:) I gravitate toward authors I know and will read their books if the subject appeals. I do read authors unknown to me, too, and will try books recommended by others - sometimes. Have found this works about half the time. Rarely pick a book by reviews only as I've been disappointed on many occasions.

  • Pam Parker - 9 years ago

    Word-of-mouth matters most to me -- and I know which of my reader/writer friends' tastes tend to fall in line with mine. Reviews matter least to me -- I'm very skeptical, and glad I am, given the recent hoo-hah about an error made in a NYT book review that panned a book based on a mistake by the reviewer's read. I read both print and e-books.

  • Amy Goldie - 9 years ago

    I get email updates from various blogs and booksellers and these are what I use to find each read. I don't only read what the reviewers claim as good reads, but balance the review with the topic and give anything a try. I recently found your site and it has given me a ton of new authors to read. Keep the good books coming. Thank you!

  • Sheri de Grom - 9 years ago

    I select books from a number of sources: From reviews but also browsing book stores - I'm also drawn to the color blue (don't know why) - and I normally read the middle chapter before I purchase. I own a Kindle but rarely review the first 3 chapters and prefer to read a 'real book' vs an e-book.

    Word of mouth is an all-important factor in selecting titles to purchase as well as book club recommendations.

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