Do cities spend too much on fireworks?

Posted 6 years.


  • Shock and awe - 6 years ago

    Idenpendance day isn't remembered by shooting off a bunch of fireworks. It's almost an insult to the people whom shed their blood for this nation to be remembered by a bunch of booming fireworks. In an economy where our own "hometown heros" can't even be sustained (our police and firefighters) because of "budget cuts" it's another slap in the face. I mean, what kind of bonus could be offered these hero's if you took the money set aside for a 15 minute display to assist these families who most havent seen any kind of raise for the past 5 years? That being said, if you insist on fireworks on the 4th, how about everyone chip in a substantially less amount together and have a central county display instead of these broke cities setting such a large amount aside where that money could be used elsewhere?

  • reality - 6 years ago

    Thanks Jim. Canada has like Medicare for all, for over 50 years now, did not invade Iraq and waste $3 Trillion, and thousands of lives, and they have a democratic parliament, that can kick a leader out at any time, and get a new election. We still have the Electoral College, a winner take all system, that has resulted in a president becoming a "lame duck" the day after his inauguration, and BILLIONS spent on an election still over 3 months away. Oh, and American slaves escaped to Canada. Denise Harvey is hopefully still there, avoiding 30 years in jail here in this "Christian" nation.

  • JimC - 6 years ago

    They spend way too much. It's really stupid- they're like little children- and not good little children. It's not like we invented freedom- many, many nations have as much freedom as we do- we're not unique- we just pretend we are. We haven't really won a war since 1945 but
    still pretend we're #1- we've been trying to beat a country of cave dwellers for over 10 years now- no luck- they don't even have a real army. Americans need a strong dose of reality.

  • Erin - 6 years ago

    I don't think the towns spend too much persay, but I can understand why some may have an issue about spending money on fireworks when they've laid people off. It's the 4th of July though - we are celebrating our independence. If this holiday isn't worth it, what is? Fireworks shows are fun, exciting, and a favorite of mine. Let's light up the sky!!

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