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Are you surprised that he's a bi-sexual man?

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  • Ashley - 10 years ago

    Well st first my dad told me he was gay then a whole lot of people started telling me that and I would say so what he's still my favorite singer so I didn't believe it...but until I went on google I found out e was bi but I don't think he is bi I just think its a rumor

  • tottie2kute - 10 years ago

    He still gone b mii favorite singer so it really doesn't matter he still fine
    #team frack ocean

  • Anonymous - 10 years ago

    Well, he's a singer and like I don't even care, as long as he produces good music for his own occupation.
    Love you Frank Ocean! :)

  • PROFcunt - 10 years ago

    Frank is a genius. To be honest I was a bit surprised, he is an amazing artist and this will hold no bearing on how I see him or his music, however I still feel a bit weird about it. I don't really want to hear him sing love songs about other men (I'm not against homosexuality, I just really don't feel like I'll relate to him at all on that level) but I can always just not listen to those songs, it is after all HIS music and if he chooses to express himself through it like that then more power to him. Good on Frank for having the balls to say it. He's still the fucking man

  • Geeman - 10 years ago

    Firstly his music is probley the closet thing to happiness & escapism I have probley felt from any artist ,it's a piece of sort of final fulfilment like a for filled quest has came to an end.. Or until the next star is born not as a replacement but a continuation to a beginning of contoius artists emerging , ppl taking care of a very unsatisfying music industry whilst making music that pleases them but inturn capturing the attention of very large pleased audience thanks frank. Yes I'm shocked but do what let the music play GCR-UK peace

  • Jocelyn - 10 years ago

    At the end of the day, no matter his;or anyone for that fact of the matter;sexuality, there is so justifiable reason to judge him or to not be a fan anymore, because he's still talented, & his songs still manage to touch somebody. Me being a fan of who he is shouldn't over ride his talent, b/c that's what I fell in love with 1st. Idk him so what else do I have to "judge" him based off...just his sexuality? C'mon now-_- His songs are still rhythmically & passionately written..I got him on repeat now. ;) Who cares? Listen to his music, voice,etc., not his sexual preferences..

  • namrefone - 10 years ago

    sick sick sick. this crap is a definite abomination to EL ELYON. You embracing this sh*t Russell????? WTF???????????//

  • Will - 10 years ago

    Not too much in this natural world shocks me anymore. & now days everything is OK to do or be anyway, so whatever.

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