How many of you would like me to produce a video covering my Photoshop workflow from end to end?


  • Kit Laughlin - 10 years ago

    Ming, a good idea. I wonder if you need to go the HD --> DVD route, though? I make my own DVDs (and have written and published three books, one in its fourth edition) and, honestly, I think the Gutenburg press model has had its day (DVDs are just an analogue: the point is to get good economy of scale, you have to print/press big numbers; up-front costs; storage; and distribution become new problems).

    Direct pay download is the way to go, and many models are emerging. I am keeping a very close eye on this myself; happy to discuss.

  • Paul - 10 years ago

    For me, the challenge isn't workflow - it's deciding the adjustments that will create a characteristic look, or deciding whether I need a characteristic look at all. I'm new to your blog and so haven't reviewed many posts, but the question of deciding, with all the possibilities, what to do, whether the sharpening should be at 0.8 pixels or 0.9, etc. can be overwhelming. I'm interested in people's philosophical take on that.

  • Marco Borggreve - 10 years ago

    Am willing to pay for your flowvideo.
    25euro to 45 Euro range.
    Make money it is special you do! Greetings, M

  • Ed Rudolph - 10 years ago

    Your images have an unusually consistent look.

  • Ken - 10 years ago

    I would prefer a demo based on Lightroom vs. Photoshop since I like how LR organizes photos. However, I will use Photoshop to apply certain plug-ins or if I want to get really creative with a shot. Is LR a possibility for workflow or not something you normally do?

  • Greg - 10 years ago

    We watt because ita free así Whois will Pay 10 € and You will get a diferente answer


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