Considering the reforms already enacted at NOPD, do you think it is still necessary to enter into a Consent Decree?

  • Fenner Sedgebeer - 10 years ago

    As a 30 year veteran of the NOPD I've seen seemingly good intentioned, politically correct consent decrees used as a stepping stone for furthering politically motivated actions that hamper adequate law enforcement. None of these decrees served the interests of those for which the decree was intended, rather they spawned further actions amounting to a lessening of constitutional rights.
    This DOJ report appears to start with a conclusion to motivate the report to that end. This and other past critiques of the Department never get to the root of an easily understood problem that most urban police departments face today.
    Realizing police recruitment has to embrace recruitment goals motivated by political interests, these goals sometime assume certain criteria can accomplish an idea that policing doesn't require special personnel placing others above self interests. The assumption that any individual can strap on a gun and become a police officer is at best simply foolish.
    A second overlooked problem is the idea proper training should not evolve and take presidence within the department's finances. Training should be an everyday occurence and not a reactive liability engagement.
    Thirdly, for several decades NOPD management has not be consistent with the downward informational flow allowing for several inconsistent interpretations of directives. The public and its department have never been on the same page. The community for which the department serves has received several inconsistent messages opening the door to activist who eventually promote a DOJ inquiry. The Department needs leadership that will allow a consistent flow of information to both its members and the community it serves that cannot be misinterpreted.
    These are problems that should be corrected on the local level with local government and community input not a politicized federal arm.
    A DOJ initiated decree will only serve political interests and send the message that the NOPD is completely without direction. This decree will say the locals are in need of federal management giving rise to further expansion of the federal government. The federal government never initiates actions within local communities without the intent of futhering interference and influence. I've yet to find federal influence to be the cure.

  • mike - 10 years ago

    What if

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