Are you surprised that Zimmerman has been granted bail a second time?

  • Steven - 9 years ago

    I wish you,people would quit playing the victim all the time......not everything has to do with skin color.

  • Lazzeri M. Davis, Sr. - 9 years ago

    I'm not surprised at all that the judge gave Zimmerman a second bond. It was almost expected. You talk about disrespect, that's not the word. If Travon's family members would've taken the same law that Zimmerman broke in there own hands, they would've been locked up without hesitation. What I can't understand is; why can't every black person in America see that time hasn't changed, just been disguised with a few pale smiles and grins? We have the power to changed America, we have to stick together and focus on survival and stop the killing off our race and any other race as far as that matter. I'm just going to say it. We as Black people, sometime act like the stupidest creatures that was created by killing each other. We have to wake up from this mind takeover that has clearly misguided us to hell. We need accept GOD in our lives 24/7, and stay prayed up. You know as well as I do that the judge that granted Zimmerman a second bond was influenced by his father the other judge. I want to see some of these entertainers who feed their families from the revenue of the same Black folk who mimics their lifestyle or kill to imitate step up and take responsibility for their role in the reality show called "Black Men the Endangered Species". I made that name up, but my point is: we're dying out by our own hands. Don't let it stop here with Trayvon Martin, instead let this be the pitstop for fuel and continue to race to the finish line for the checkered flag.

  • Joyce - 9 years ago

    No, I was not surprised that he got bail, "AGAIN"
    To go a step further, it will not surprise me if he is found not-guilty in this country. Many have said "color" has nothing to do with it, but that is a lie from hell. This guy created this horrible situation all by himself, he decided to follow that "child", he decided to take the law in his own hands, he disobeyed the 911 operator and he shot and killed an unarmed, innocent, United States citizen. Now, Zimmerman is trying to play the victim and using the law to protect him, the same law he broke that awful night. He wants to be proven guilty but did not allow the same for that child, Zimmerman was the judge, jury and executioner that night. One thing for sure, He will stand before GOD one day soon and will be judge for his sins, and there isn't a "white" man no where that can help him escape. The money that is being sent to him for his defense will not help him on Judgement Day. Now that is something he can "Stand his ground on" cause it will come to pass.

  • Sandra - 9 years ago

    Why should we be surprised. Zimmerman's dad is a white male. The judge is a white male and probably personal friends with zimmerman's dad. Therefore no surprise. A Black man's life is not valued in America. FYI OJ got treated like any other RICH white man so don't hate the player.....hate the game.

  • kay - 9 years ago

    I think this is great and slow torture for the lying murderer. to be contiuned>>>>>

    I think they judge is toying with him. eventually he will go to jail. but he wants to torture him.

  • jerald - 9 years ago

    I feel George Zimmerman was in the wrong 911 told him not to follow that kid that they would send a police officer . after he said OK . He follow him any way killed that kid in cold blood Zimmerman should be locked up with out a second bond until his trail began .

  • Reginald Cosby - 9 years ago

    In America.... everyone is due a bond if proven they are not a threat to the community.... And if they can then afford the cost.... Most murder cases of non crimmnal attempt recieve a bond it just that most can not afford the cost... No body was up in arms when OJ was given one... I feel justice will be served in the case... Allow the system and the people of Stanford to do there thing...

  • Dave Wilson, Jr. - 9 years ago

    As voted; I am not at all surprised nor moved by the events in this case, like sooooo many other similar cases, a black man dead or alive cannot get a fair shake in this our wonderful USA. As a Black man I have grown to know that no matter the situation it is assumed that we have done something wrong. This is not my imagination - it's true

    Here's something for none-blacks to check out if you will; Go to a department store and simply observe how blacks are targeted and watched in these places or go to a restaurant and observe the service blacks get compared to others, it's simply wrong. Or how about, a white member of congress so apposed to a black president that he wished the president failure - how about that; if President Obama fails, our wonderful Country does too. If that isn't cutting-off your nose to spite your face then what is? Or how about - being so disrespectful to the presidential office that another white congressman - shouts out YOU ARE A LIAR.

    I pray that some day our country can get past skin color.

  • G. Houston - 9 years ago

    The amazing thing to me in this case is how everyone is underplaying the fact that the police told Zimmerman not to continue following him and he did it anyway. Zimmerman disobeyed the number one directive when you do any kind of security, "to observe and report ONLY," especially if imminent danger is suspected. His blatant act of disobeying authorities is what really led to Travon being killed. That behavior is what proves Zimmerman had a personal motive. All other debates debates should be minor to the this case if one considers that everything could have been avoided if Zimmerman has listened to his authorities.

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