Are the current NOPD policies on Use of Force clear?

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  • H.Rivers - 11 years ago

    In 1982,John Blanque,Mike Judge,Howard Martin and Glen Serpas arrested a burglar hiding inside the victims home. No force was used. The burglar (John Williams) was found guilty and sent to prison. Williams sued the city stating how he was under such duress thinking about being in the victims home. The Police were outside. They had guns,handcuffs and nightsticks. The mental cruelty he suffered caused him to loose his ability to function as a man. He filed a complaint with PID and a civil law suit. The City lost the civil law suit and paid out over $100,000. The money Williams received was for medical treatment to cure his erectile disfunction while he was in prison. I'm sure that in the near future use of force
    forms will be manitory on every encounter an Officer makes. After all 30 years ago Williams won his case on Police mental cruelty. When will common sense rule the day?

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