Is Lil Scrappy's AIDS Quote That Bad?


  • T Scott - 11 years ago

    It is sad that roughly 16% of the voters found Scrappy's comments to be offensive. It makes me very sad, yet also reflects the TRUE opinions of people of color when we are faced with something "different". I am ashamed that so few people felt Scrappy's comments as offensive (sadly, many of them probably cannot spell the word "offensive"). After all, anyone who believes that a GAY man is responsible for the spread of HIV/AIDS must be stuck in the "dark ages". Education is KEY people. Protect yourselves! Condoms (and other safe sex practices) were created for a reason and serve a purpose. Also, we were designed with a mouth for the purpose of communication: TALK TO YOUR PARTNER AND ASK QUESTIONS!

  • nastyboie - 11 years ago

    it is an ignorant and homophobic comment I agree with Lorenzo and Amanda the first issue here is USE A CONDOM NO MATTER WHO YOU WITH. I you share needles you can contract it and if you then go and have sex with someone without protection it can be passed on that's why there are so many people women out here getting pregnant and catching std's take responsibility and protect yourself if everyone did that and stopped being so promiscuous that's men and women maybe the rates for both would go down stop passing the buck like little children and act like adults be responsible

  • Lorenzo Williams - 11 years ago

    People are responsible for their own health. Why are we always looking for someone to blame? Frank Ocean comes out of the closet and all of a sudden his sexuality now connects him to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. What? It is never good to play the blame game. All of us have a shared responsibility in stopping the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Sex is one of the most powerful drugs in the world. It is the natural order be it with man or woman. Stop the madness and get real. "Lil Crappy" needs to read more and know when to open his mouth. What he has said is not scientific and if he knew what he was talking about-- he would have based his comments on facts and made this a teachable moment, but not at the expense of Mr. Ocean. Know the facts and if you continue to practice unsafe sex with people you meet, then what can you expect? No one is going to volunteer their status on a "booty call" be it man or woman. Take some responsibility!!

  • Amanda D. - 11 years ago

    I can't believe black folks are STILL this ignorant in this day & age about how HIV/AIDS is contracted. Yes, these "down low" dudes are a problem and we black women are at a huge risk for contracting HIV/AIDS from them. We are also at a huge risk from contracting HIV/AIDS from straight men who are promiscuous and having sex w/ multiple women w/out using protection. Lets not forget that. We are not at high risk for contracting this disease just from men sleeping w/ other men. We are at a high risk from men who sleep w/ EVERYBODY and not use protection - period. It just boggles my mind how promiscuous straight black men are somehow let of the hook to continue to infect black women and make it some disease that "only gay men" have. Black women are dying b/c of this ignorant mentality.

  • sweet t - 11 years ago

    his comments were right on point. black women have the highest percentage of new hiv cases in the country and it is due to these so called real men (downlow brothers) whatever! it is also due to women not using condoms, thats another big problem, so combine the two and there you go another black epidemic. black women sometimes i truly believed we are cursed

  • Larry L - 11 years ago

    It is clearly time to tell it like it is. Yes, so called, down low men are a definite problem. Taking it up the a## is their thing. Fine, but do not turn around and have sex with a sister and infect her. The sister in turn, not knowing that she is infected, now infects another straight male, and the cycle continues. I am not even going to speak on the fact that these parties are out there getting busy without condoms, but his comments were definitely not out of line....

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