How religious are you?

  • Vivian - 10 years ago

    As my sister above stated...I do not consider myself religious...but a "disciple of Christ" who has a relationship with the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who redeemed me from my mess! My mess by all rights that should had over taken me and made me loose my mind; but through it all, thanks to my redeemer, Jesus Christ, I am a "new creature".

    It took me until I was 47 years old (I am now 61) to realize and understand through some awesome teaching that Jesus is the only way to my Father in Heaven. The irony of it all, it's all free!!! I didn't have to pay for my salvation but it's a gift from God. It didn't matter how many Sundays I sat in church all day or bible studies during the week, I was still lost because I was never taught the "truth of God's word".

    Now I live to fullfill God's purpose for my life through study, prayer and commitment to my relationship with Christ. Amazing how stuff just drops off and you change when you are committed to the Word of God! That's when you can get blessed!!!

  • Karen L. Wilson-Maye - 10 years ago

    I voted, although I do not like to acknowledge the term "religious." For I do not consider my belief "religious," since religion can involve any sect. I prefer to speak of my belief as Christian believer!! I am a believer in the Lord God Jehovah and believe in His beloved Son, Jesus (Y'shua) who died for our sins. I was reared by my grandmother, who I referred to as Momma. And of course we had to go to church, Sunday School and then Vacational Bible School in the summer. I thank God for my rearing and thank God for my spiritual grandmother!! God bless!!

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