Vote! Were Kim and Kourtney right or wrong to pressure Khloe to go see them and go to NYC?

  • Gale - 8 years ago

    I am so proud of Khloe. She has grown to be a beautiful and wonderful woman and wife. Her mother and sisters should take a few lessons from her. How dare they criticize her for being a good wife. It is certainly something she didn't learn from her mother.

  • Angie - 8 years ago

    The sisters need to spend some time on their own relationships. While it's important that the children are priorities, Kourtney errs by making them a bigger priority than Scott. Children get their security from how their parents deal with each other. As long as they feel that both parents will work together for the family, most kids will grow up happy and secure. It's when the parents don't have a good relationship that causes kids to either divide and conquer or feel insecure. Kourtney should know this better than anyone else since she's so affected by her parent's divorce. Kim has multiple failed marriages and relationships - she needs to learn how to put someone else's needs before herself - otherwise, all her relationships will fail. If Lamar was in a 'good place', harass away, but right now Khloe and Lamar need each other.

  • Slyoma - 8 years ago

    Khloe is the only sister that is not self centered and does not have an ego the size of Texas, Kim/Kourtney are not the right people to give to advise ANYONE about relationships instead they need to step back and take a long hard look at themselves. Kris the mom from hell also needs to keep her big mouth shut and I do not understand why Bruce stays with her after all the disrespectful things she has done to him, he deserves someone better than Kris the lying, money hungry bi***. I could not believe my ears when she said she wished she could have had more babies so she could collect her 10% or when she was thinking about changing her name from Jenner back to Kardashian because it carried more clout!
    This is the most dysfunctional family around, makes mine look normal!!
    If I had a chance to talk to Khloe I would tell her to keep doing what you are doing and tell all those so called "adviser's to stick it where the sun does not shine and that she is a beautiful, intelligent, and has her head screwed on right, she has her priorities in there proper place unlike her Mom and the two older sister's!

  • jrc - 8 years ago

    I really think that the sisters was wrong..leave khloe alone..kourtney everywhere you travel to your man is with is never with a man long enough to travel with.khloe do what you have to for for your marriage.I love khloe that's what a wife does for her husband and I am pretty sure if the situation. Was different Lamar would do the same for her.

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