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  • uche - 11 years ago

    I think Rev wright is doing the best he can with the flawed tools he has to work with- Christianity. The rest of the world knows that all past and current religious beliefs are fictional and culturally oriented to serve the interest of the leaders (or overlords) of the time. How we got suckered into this belief is beyond me and a lot of others. However, the Rev Wright is trying to push the envelope of that belief towards something good for us because in it's traditional form the beliefs do nothing but condition us to remain sheepish, to remain adverse to taking control of our own lives (the lord jesus will do it instead) and generally to learn to feel good making one or two other "hi keepers of the word" rich and fully realized (thru money contributions) while we remain pitiful and wanting. Additionally, Obama's interest is not our interest. We as a people, have learned to bend over backwards to excuse one of ours who is doing nothing for us just to be able to say, "well he's at least one of us." That's why we have nothing, relatively speaking. We settle for nothing and even fight for nothing.

  • CHURCH OF CHRIST - 11 years ago

    Umm, this "SELF PROCLAIMED rev" NEEDS 2 Preach about THE WORD OF GOD!! If he wanna give Sermons on politics... he should have been a politician!! THE BIBLE is right & jeremiah wright is "wrong"!!

    STOP Preaching politics, & Preach THE GOSPEL (Good News of JESUS CHRIST)!!

    Only "Irrelevent" People Wanna Be Heard (hint hint, jeremiah)!!

  • Verbena - 11 years ago

    In 2008, Rev. Wright said the right thing at the WRONG time - well this time around, HE IS JUST WRONG - OUT OF ORDER - Hey if he has nothing nice to say, say nothing - I think he has gone too far. When will we learn to support each other?Rev. Wright, don't you know enough Bible to teach/preach on? Were you called to preach or were you just calle? By Whom????/ President Obama is no worse than any previous and certainly a whole lot better - he is reputable, inteligent - I am proud of him, YES - 4 more years, he may straighten some of the crookedness that got America to where it is - WHO DID THAT?

  • Barbara Gray - 11 years ago

    It pains me that Rev. Wright is so angry at President Obama and I don't understand why. Instead of supporting and praying for the President who continues to lead and fight for all Americans, I knew he would surface again, but prayed that he would surface as a humble servant and support our President. I am so disappointed in Rev. Wright, but not surprised, and I hope he will seek forgiveness for his words. Words do matter and if it's his intention to create havoc at this time, he's succeeded. May God have mercy on him.

  • voiceof reason - 11 years ago

    I also agree with concered christian, Rev Wright is full of himself.

  • That's Right - 11 years ago

    @ Concerned Christian you are absolutely Right!

  • Concerned Christian - 11 years ago

    Where is God in all of this? He seems to be more concerned with the things of the world than with the things of God. When I think about the different soils in the Bible he must be the thorny soil, because he is ALL choked up with the cares of the world, which is why I don't hear about living righteousness.

    Shouldn't Salvation be the main focus of a minister, because ultimately isn't that the most important role...building the kingdom of God? Will Christians who live Holy, but went to a predominately white University or College not make it to Heaven? Will being Black and going to a HBCU, and not living Holy make it to heaven? Does he even care about souls at all? Or is his only agenda that of being "Black and Proud", and if that is the case perhaps he should step down as a PASTOR and start a Community Organizations.

    His response as a Pastor is "OUT OF ORDER" nor does it reflect the things of God.

    From a Concerned Christian whose main goal is being a "Fisher of Men" and Building God's Kingdom!!!

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