Do you feel African immigrants bring a stronger work ethic to the U.S. than the Black Americans who live here?

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Posted 7 years.


  • an American - 7 years ago

    I definitely know that most African immigrants bring a stronger work ethic to the U.S. than the Negros who were born and raised in America. My race is Negro. I feel lucky and proud to have been born in this great country called the United States of America. Afro-American? What the hell is that? Personally, I don't know a damn thing about Africa. Well, I know some large wild animal come from Africa. I know Arabs are native to north Africa. I know Caucasians are in South Africa. And Negros make up the majority of the population in all of Africa. An Arab from Egypt who immigrates could be considered an Afro-American after gaining citizenship. The same thing goes for a Caucasian from South Africa who immigrates to America. They are also Afro-Americans

    So, what about the Negros who are born in America, as were their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. They are simply Americans. I know many Caucasian people whose ancestors from Europe have been born in America from one, to several, to many generations. Guess what? Not a one calls themselves Euro-Americans. This great country is the melting pot of the world.

    Hello my fellow American Negros! Please wake up! It is time that you get it! Move out of the Negro only neighborhoods. Get a job, any job to begin a wonderful journey. Live on a budget and save money for a home in a diverse neighborhood. Learn how to speak English properly. Dis, dat, bro... it goes on and on. Please people! You are driving me crazy. Do you need a class on English as a second language? And quit crime on each other, and carrying illegal weapons. Why is our unemployment rate so high? In my business I don't hire anyone who can't speak descent English or who looks like they're the type of person who might carry weapons. How can others respect you when you don't respect yourself? I finally got it and it worked. Now I own my business and a nice home in a diverse neighborhood. I jumped into the melting pot of our society in America. Guess what learned? When I finally did this as an American whose race is Negro, I found out that people don't see color. I'm not exposed to racial problems or discussions.

    If people who are not immigrants from Africa remain Afro-Americans, you will never have peace in your hearts and feel part of America. You will always feel like a poor minority who has dark skin, and the world owes you something for nothing, no contributions to America. I always pray for the day where we are all Americans who live in peace, safety and comfort. May God bless you and may God bless America!

  • Kane - 7 years ago

    segregate to re-educate

  • BrSugga - 7 years ago

    I personal feel that is not true yes there are some blacks who are complacent yet so are some African Americans i know my history and i know that African American sold black Americans into slavery and that's fact the head chiefs of the tribes in Africa sold other blacks into slavery! and i have worked with many of them and not all but most have there noises up in the air as if they are better than a black American wack!!!! Europeans look at all niggas as niggas silly rabbit!!!!!!

  • Ralo - 7 years ago

    It is true we are complacent... We don't know our history...we don't wanna work... We will rather live off the government... We kill each other everyday over nothing... We don't take the given opportunities that are presented to us... Now in Africa they don't have no where the opportunities that we have... What's gonna happen when the government stops assisting tell me that? It's coming so my brothers n sisters need to wake up

  • tamyka - 7 years ago

    I think most african-americans have given up because the way things are here. I have a strong work ethic and it seems I can't catch a break in the job market. Its very frustrating.

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