Do you feel the so called African/Black American divide is over-exaggerated?

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  • neal kelley - 5 years ago

    I am a so-called " American Black". I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit west africa and live in east africa for over 3 and 1/2 years. I must say that the issue with africans and african americans.. is an artificial construct. First I will address the issue with my own people.

    1. We feel that slavery is the blame for our present condition.

    While that might be true partially true. We can not continue to blame others for our misfortunes. WE have the power to change our communities and our selves right now. We can not look into the past with out looking at what we are doing right now..

    2. Africans are responsible for our enslavement.

    That is not entirely correct. First and foremost. We have to properly frame the condition to fully understand what happened. Did Africans sell other Africans to slave owners.. ( yes and no )... at that time.. Africans identified with tribes and kingdoms.. people did not identify themselves as Africans.. Kingdoms had enemies.. and tribal rivals.. and many used that opportunity to get rid of people they thought where rivals to there kingdom or tribe.

    Africans version of servitude was vastly different than what the Europeans had in mind.
    If you was captured from a rival kingdom... you had certain rights that could not be ignored.. you had the right to your own culture.. you had the right to property. You had the right to marry someone from kingdom that kept you in servitude. If you where being abused.. you could complain to the religious person of that society. So he may speak on your behalf. So when other Africans was selling there brothers to the Europeans.. they had no way of knowing that they would be treated any differently.

    I have forged bonds with my brothers in africa.. we have business together... we struggle through issues together... and we will forever remain brothers and sisters.... i have learned so much from them.. they have learned so much from me... we need to put a side things that was designed to keep us apart..

  • akakom - 7 years ago

    Brsugga, its unfortunate that u think we should be discussing some 400 year old history that is not even clear whether your assertion is right instead of black on black crime today, hmmm. but, remember if africans sold their fellow africans into slavery, it means your grand father's brother or daddy sold him into slavery. is it also not safe to say that your grandfather sold one or two of his family members before somebody else sold him? think. you should have said, WE sold our own people into slavery. and i am also very positively sure you think "africans" are stupid like many brothers and sisters think.
    And to you G, if you think you have every reason to hate all "africans" because one of them breached a contract with you, you are a genius. wow, i didnt know african americans were that righteous who will never break a contract. And our excuse of being in whatever state that we are in is because we were in slavery is nothing different from an "african" blaming everything on colonization and colonial masters.
    the problem between these two siblings is we dont understand each other. it is called clash of culture.

  • BrSugga - 7 years ago

    Africans sold other sold other blacks into slavery and no one talks about that I have worked with many of them and most Africans feel as though they are better than me being a black american just like what the whites taught us to hate each other! i have seen where they will clearly to win points take a white mans side before his own brother who would be in the right i think its sad i have personally suffered from the residue of slavery my grandmother have over thirteen kids and some of them where by white men and in turn they were treated much better than the ones who were not so light my mom is a dark skinned woman who never felt beautiful about herself she instilled that in her children!!!

  • G - 7 years ago

    I gave assistance to an African brother many years ago. He said he would repay the loan, he did not. I had to hunt the brother down and he gave me his reason why he could not repay;that was not the agreement. Since then I walk on the other side of the proverbial street when it comes to dealing with Africans. I work with them currently and I move pass them the same way I do whites who think I should be subservient to them. I would love to use a profanity, but I won't. Forget them all!

  • thomas washington - 7 years ago

    unfortunately most of the people here don't honor our AFRICAN HERITAGE'' they act like The Heavenly Father made a mistake when He allowed us to be born. a lot of them are still holding on to the past as if it's the only thing of real value to them.

  • Cliff - 7 years ago

    Truth is often a very difficult pill to swallow. As African Americans we have a unique position in
    the world, but, unfortunately, we have failed to grasp the investment that our predecessors made for each of us. Florida State Professor, Dr. Naim Akbar states in "Breaking The Chains Of
    Psychological Slavery" that we must learn how to break the chains of mental slavery as a people in order to achieve wholesome, successful lives in this land called America. Until we are successful at accomplishing this task we will be subject to the whims of the slave master. We will continue to hate and kill those who look like ourselves rather than our true enemies. We are
    doing to ourselves exactly what the enemy wants. Hotep!

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