Do you think Evelyn Lozada's Wedding Dress Is Age Inappropriate?


  • SDot - 10 years ago

    Who wrote this, a 19 year old hating on her better looking 40 year old momma? I dislike Ev and don't love the dress itself, but nothing about this look is age inappropriate. As someone else mentioned, if this was wedding #2 or 3 she'd get a side eye (regardless of age), but she actually looks nice here.

  • Sharon - 10 years ago


  • Sharon - 10 years ago


  • sexygma - 10 years ago

    It is a shame that someone feels the need to critique a woman on how she looks on her special day. Her day isn't about what anyone else thinks, it is about what SHE desires and makes HER HAPPY. if her groom didn't have a problem why should any one else? I think she looked fabulous and very happy and that is what counts. know matter what, people are going to tear you down, i say screw all and feed'em to the fishes.

  • Ms. Brown - 11 years ago

    What do u expect...she is a Rican...they like all that stuff!

  • latoya - 11 years ago

    I am a fan of Evelyn. Is it a crime to hav a lil age on you and still look good?? I think she is a beautiful, she has the looks, the body. She's a bad one. SHE DID THAT!!!

  • Dee's Mom - 11 years ago

    It's her 1st wedding & I think it's appropriate despite her age. Most girls dream of their wedding day from the time they are young, if this is/was her vision who is to deny her that? If this was like her 2nd, or 3rd marriage I would have another opinion. I'm by no means a Evelyn fan, but I think she gets a thumbs up on this one.

  • Victoria - 11 years ago

    Evelyn is a grwon women and she can pick or design any type of dress and she will make it look good, so ya need to stop hating on the women.

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