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Will Sevco/Newco be voted into SFL Division 1? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 7,088

  • rab - 10 years ago

    Try comment here and see if i have better luck

  • MARIO - 10 years ago

    I vote "no"because its that simple "NEWCO"=3rd division and rules are rules.

  • groucho - 10 years ago

    Contrary to what some of the posters here (and elsewhere) think there is absolutely NO requirement for 3 years audited accounts when applying for membership of SFL.
    Nor is there a 3 year requirement when applying for a National Licence from SFA.
    3 years audited accounts is only a requirement when applying for an International Licence to take part in UEFA competitions.

    If you're going to talk about rules at least read them first.

  • Paul - 10 years ago

    Voted yes as I feel unfortunately that clubs will buckle under financial pressure put upon them, will never set foot in SPL/SFL match if this occurs (though will still attend MFC CL match as never thought it ever possible and we deserve our moment in the sun after all these years). Good to see spotlight turned on Regan and Doncaster as their conduct has been nothing short of abysmal. If they are not capable of at least minimising losses and renegotiating contracts/attracting alternative sponsors then their position should be untenable as they are obviously not fit to hold their current position. Hope sporting integrity prevails but fear the worst.

  • Chris - 10 years ago

    I have voted yes.
    I feel the question is slightly ambiguous as I do not believe Rangers in the 1st division is fair but do believe at the end of the day money will do the talking.

  • miketheref - 10 years ago

    I have voted no, as i dont believe,they should be even admitted to Div 3 without meeting the basic 3 year criteria. If they are slotted into Div 1, my days as a referee are over. Im not prepared to be seen as part of the SFA and this corruption

  • Dave - 10 years ago

    How ironic that the route Doncaster and Regan are advocating to save the game is the one that will destroy it.
    The comment made about Scottish football being a game played with loaded dice was totally accurate. No wonder the game has suffered at international level.

    Just about every success of Rangers and Celtic over the last 20 years can be directly attributed to foreign imports that could barely be afforded. Before anybody brings up the English premier league as being the same just look at how both England and Scotland have faired so poorly at international level while countries such as Germany and Holland have gone back to basics, nurtured home grown talent and flourished as a result.

    I will be staggered if the vote goes in favour of the 1st division and not the 3rd. I'll never bother with the game in Scotland again and it will be back to the same old two-teams dominate model which has utterly failed in the eyes of the fans.

  • Peter Craid - 10 years ago

    Scott , you seem to underestimate the feelings of non-Celtic fans in all of this and assume that everyone is against Rangers for reasons you mention , not so !
    I support Falkirk , most of my friends support Rangers, i have no hatred or bigotry towards them or their club. However, after all that has gone on , and in all FAIRNESS, the new version really must start again in Division 3 .
    Only then can we all move on and maybe (!) start getting back to normality, or at least what passes for in Scottish football these days...........................

  • Jonsouthgen - 10 years ago

    Rangers in Admin. and finished as a football playing entity. A new company seeking entry into Scottish football having failed to meet any of the basic criteria. The astonishing lack of understanding of these two basic truths is astounding. Almost 6000 !! votes !! .A measure of the immense contribution this blog has made to honest debate and the almost total abscence of the same from so called professional journalists. Congrats R.T.C., lang may yer lum reek. !

  • dave7891 - 10 years ago

    They will be allowed in....incorrectly in my opinion.
    Start again and do it the correct way!

  • Galling fiver - 10 years ago

    SFL clubs are run by real businessmen, for the love of their club in most cases.Unlike the club that caused this.
    If the rules WRT the cheating by Triggers Broom had not been ignored, this vote would not be taking place at all. And since the details have been hidden, we can assume they were match fixing for over a decade.
    They have taken enough from the game. Time to pay it back.

  • Southside Tarrier - 10 years ago

    According to the BBC the latest pre vote poll shows the sevco will start in Div. 3. If that is the case , fair enough, thats the conseqence of going into liquidation.
    When do the penaltys for cheating kick in, ebts etc. When does Lord Carloway's independant tribunal reconvene, I'm sure Lord Glennie who ordered them to do so might be interested.
    I only wish my Father and Grandfathers were here to see this.

  • iain the doc - 10 years ago

    sorry scot but you are is not about hatred or is about having rules.....why should the rules be bent in order to benefit a team?....any other NEWCO would need 3 years of audited accounts to apply for SFL membership of the bottom tier as those are the rules of the scottish league........why should sevco be treated any different....what is bigotted about expecting the rules of the scottish game to be implemented correctly......please answer me that

  • iain the doc - 10 years ago

    if sevco are allowed in division 1 the scottish game is is as simple as that...doncaster & reagans' bullshit regarding the scottish game dying if sevco is put in division 3 is nothing short of a disgrace from men who's job it is to PROMOTE our national game...not BE-LITTLE it.

    rangers are dead.......finished....they no longer exist.....sevco is a NEWCO and MUST be treated as such...that SHOULD mean having to submit 3 years of audited accounts to apply to the they cannot submit these they should be made to wait until they can....bending the rules will only result in scottish fans walking away from the game.

    SFL chairmen.....our national game is trusted in you hands tomorrow.....please do not betray that trust.....we IMPLORE you to do what is right. ......regardless of the fallout.....please do not less us down.

  • Scott - 10 years ago

    It's a pity that so bad bigots and haters follow your blog.I also agree that rangers should start the chapter of their history in division 3 and rebuild from there.let's be totally honest the reason the ones who are screaming the loudest about rangers starting again in div 3 is absolutely nothing to do with sporting integrity and everything to do with hatred and honest guys..

  • Mark - 10 years ago

    Stranraer have the right idea in that the newco should have to apply for entry to the SFL along with any other interested parties. It's strange that on previous occasions this was the procedure, but now it's a closed book for other clubs.

    If their application was received then they should only be considered if they meet all the requirements for entry into the SFL. As they don't have 3 years audited accounts signed off, then they should be told to go to the juniors until they have that in place. Then they'd have to wait until there is another place available in the SFL before trying again!

  • spitting feathers - 10 years ago

    why can anyone allow the newco in that have not delivered audited account, both the newco and Rangers, and who issued out this licence here. to this team formerly known as Rangers
    the division 3 with penalty's, is the only way this has to go. there is talk of loosing money
    the SFA have already lost million on there last dealings with tv rights and not one club suffered from there greed, they just got on with it. if they get usherd into division one, me and my 3 boys will not grace the football again at present I spend over the 36 games and season tickets petrol and sundries is estimated that the money ill will save is going to be £1,647.00
    the boys have been told this is what is going to happen, as i am not going to be sitting at a park watch the SFA controlled refs, and associates , make a dogs arse of me.

  • Garden Bhoy - 10 years ago

    Must be NO! - Im a Celtic fan and parent who has been intending to take his 2 young boys to the local team (Accies) since moving to Hamilton. Oldest boy is 4 and has been showing an interest in watching the footy lately, im poised to buy a very well priced season ticket season ticket that includes entry for him and younger brother. I want to support this local team and have my boys enjoy football without being branded either Celtic or Rangers. However if they are voted into the 1st tomorrow then I wont, I will encourage him in other sports rather than a corrupt one.

  • Neal - 10 years ago

    There should have been four options including straight back to the SPL and also reapply to third division because both are possible
    When the diddy clubs vote for SFL 3 tomorrow or even better a no vote at all without more information then who knows where this will lead

  • kennymcluskey - 10 years ago

    Simply put its rfc(ia)'s spawn, or Scottish Football. One or the other, no compromise or footballs done. I plead to the SFL Chairmen, please do the job that your SPL colleagues couldn't handle. Become the saviours of Scottish Football, reject the application outright. Invite another club in to the big boys club. Go On!-YOU can do it!

  • Hydraargyrum - 10 years ago

    I am done if the famous Sevco Zombies FC are eased into SFL1 - I'll never attend a match, watch football on television or buy merchandise. I have on occasion coached kids and refereed, can anyone at the SFA tell me how I can promote integrity/sportsmanship to kids when the example they themselves have shown is dreadful? The rules would be bent enough for them if they go into SFL3, but I could live with that as a compromise - even though it would be like drinking a cup of vomit. I would still never watch any game between the side I support - Killie - and Sevco (and I am struggling to ever want to attend a Killie game after recent events [future trips to Kirkcaldy perhaps?]). Oh, and the shenanigans at the SFA/SPL(/SFL) must be uncovered. Complicity has happened and those in leadership positions at these organisations should be fired forthwith. They did not do their job, along with the press; had they did then this catastrophe would have been avoided.

  • Charles McGregor - 10 years ago

    First I'd like to say that I live in Canada and my comment should be weighed with that in mind.
    Although I love watching Celtic play Barcelona, Inter, Liverpool, Man. Utd. and the list goes on and on, the one constant is always Celtic v ?????, I love watching Celtic, I watch the exhibition games and I watch the early Scottish and League cup games so in whatever league against whatever competition, that's who I'll be watching

  • stephen mckerrall - 10 years ago

    Yes - despite not feeling the same way I have no confidence in the people running scottish football. It should not be left to the clubs in the first division to decide on the future of one club or the effect on all the others, they have been placed in a terrible position. I feel that regardless of the first division vote the powers that be will concoct some ludicrous story and plan to reinstate Sevco 5088 into the upper eshelons of scottish football. I will be at hampden tomorrow to offer my support to the first division chairmen.

  • Danny - 10 years ago

    I'm with 61patrick, I voted no as it's the only justifiable conclusion, even though I'm not convinced the bullying and blatant bribery by the people in charge of our leagues and governing body won't sway enough SFL chairmen to make it happen.

    If it does though, then it's game over for me. We're essentially acknowledging the fact that 'Rangers' in whatever guise cannot lose, and I'll never put another penny into Scottish football should this be the case.

    Oh for a governing body with a backbone, who applied the rules as the stood and actually catered for the EXISTING clubs instead of putting all their time and effort into helping a new company become a club and push it's way past existing members.....

  • AJ - 10 years ago

    I voted yes, it's not right but I think that it will happen. I'm heading up to Hampdung tomorrow to try and give a shout of support to chairmen going into the meeting. I'm totally scunnered with the way Scottish fitba is going and if it contniues down this road then this will lead to me turning my back on it. I attend all my clubs games home & away.

  • 61patrick - 10 years ago

    I voted no because if it was yes we are all aswell chucking it ,The game would be finished and cheating and corruption would have won.
    So I have to believe that the SFL chairmen do the right thing for all our sakes.
    They have my sympathy Regan & Donkey should never have let it get to this,If they had applied the already set down rules "without fear or favour"we would not be in the situation we are in.
    Football in Scotland is in the gutter because of RFC, Regan & Donkey
    It is up to men like Turnbull Hutton and clubs like Clyde and Raith Rovers to save us.

  • Bernie C - 10 years ago

    No - because it is absolutely the right thing to do. If its financial "Armageddon" then so be it. Cheats should not prosper and a zombie new Hvn in the SPL so soon after walking away from upwards of £134 million debts is no deterrent to any club in dire financial bother and is just plain old fashioned piss taking of the highest order! Yes - let's reform Scottish Football, but not to benefit a Team that flaunted rules for Glory that has brought shame on Scottish Football and wishes for that to be overlooked. Doncaster, Regan, Oglivie.....Go Now! A job on the Newco Board awaits.

  • Andrew Preston - 10 years ago

    I voted no. I think that, ultimately, good will triumph.

  • MrChris67 - 10 years ago

    I still voted 'no' even though I do not actually want to predict what may transpire in tomorrow's stitch-up.

  • spitey - 10 years ago

    Voted with heart, rather than brain - and gave it a no. They certainly dont deserve to get in to the 1st Division, but Doncaster and his lackeys will certainly make sure that thats where they end up.

  • Hayzaboy - 10 years ago

    SFL 1 will be the outcome Im afraid,the until now brave SFL Chairmen will have been bribed,bullied and brow beaten and will submit to the agents of the cancer that has attempted over years to cheat and manipulate our game,if Im wrong and Sevco can be kept in SFL3 or need to apply with any others for admission our game will survive and in a year or two grow but if Im correct and they are voted into SFL3 the game is up,and we may as well just chuck it.

    I fear the worst.

  • Mainser - 10 years ago

    I voted yes, because I think they will. However it would be wrong on so many levels and if it comes to pass will mean the end for Scottish football. The ONLY people who seem to be in favour are the blazers at Hampden.

    Sad days

  • roddy - 10 years ago

    No. I still can't see how such a FIX can be implemented for an Entirely New Company (not even a football club!), devoid of background and history, in the diminishing time available.... forget about the moral aspects... :(

  • mcgregorm - 10 years ago

    I voted no i have always felt that the solution was Sevco in SFL 3 its the correct thing to do, it makes sense for all parties involved in terms of finance and integrity. It would be a reason for pride in the Scottish game if the SFL clubs did the right thing.

  • Glassford03 - 10 years ago

    I fear they will be voted in to SFL1 against all logic, rationale and regulations. I have renewed my season ticket (happened automatically) but will give serious consideration to this being my last season on that basis. Doncaster and Regan are hopelessly out of their depths and are pandering to the worst aspects of the parochial nature of Scottish football and the fear that putting the former club from Ibrox into SFL3 or even lower will result in civil unrest from the element of the fanbase that would react in that way (and knowing many Rangers fans that is a small minority).

    This would send out the worst possible message about Scottish football and result in its long term demise. Credibility would be gone for ever and any hope of rebuilding on the basis of fairness, integrity and effective financial management would be a pipedream.

  • bohannon67 - 10 years ago

    Obviously a "No" vote is the correct way for clubs to vote otherwise the game in this country is truly a bogey. I too fear a yes vote will be the outcome. Even if it is a "No" will the powers at be listen? Anything other than Sevco starting in division 3 I will not be back at a Scottish Football match, how can I when I believe in a fair league with every team given an even chance?

    I will however continue to buy my clubs merchandise and attend friendly games and European matches involving my club.

    Really hope the clubs vote the correct and just way tomorrow (if the vote indeed goes ahead).

  • Miguel - 10 years ago

    Rangers are dead. Allegedly.
    The SPL/SFA plan seems to be to keep the cadaver on life support and harvest the organs.
    Division three is the honourable solution. (Some may need to look up the meaning of honourable.)
    Debt free in division three. That is a great deal.
    Let us return to football. The only game sexier than finance.

  • Necromancer - 10 years ago

    Bullys win most of the time, that is why they keep doing it. It would be a magnificent day for Scottish football were the SFL chairmen to contemptuously dismiss the supremecists of the SPL and their administrator lackies, however I regretfully suspect that cowed doffing of caps is ingrained. It is rather embarassing, as a scotsman living abroad, that those here who arrogantly dismiss Scottish football as a nonentity are about to be proved right.
    I have been wrong before and I do not gamble, but I would be prepared to stick €20 on a yes vote.

  • COnlooker - 10 years ago

    I note that RTC himself is undecided whether he´ll be returning to the fitbaw if there were to be a yes vote.

    That whilst an individual stance to respect rather undermines some of the strong rhetoric and points to an inevitable crumbling of the up until now, strong willed majority on the Sporting Integrity bandwagon.

    I use the term bandwagon not out of disrespect but because I think it apt.
    Rod Petrie being a good example of someone cited to be almost driving the wagon who then decided to jump off.

  • Jock Swizz - 10 years ago

    The package of changes that are being offered as a bribe to let Sevco into SFL1 should be being implemented in any case. They are necessary for the good of the game and it is scandalous that they are being made conditional on this scurrilous proposal.

    Is it even clear that there will be a vote on SFL1? It loss to me that if the first vote (to let Sevco into the SFL at all) is approved, then there doesn't need to be a vote on which league. The "Board" can just place them where they like so long as they get a "satisfactory" deal from the SPL.

  • COnlooker - 10 years ago


    voted yes because the league reconstruction offer will change some of the no votes around to yes thus giving a clear mandate without having to go the backdoor route.

  • Ichabod - 10 years ago

    Sadly some will bow to the Ibrox side. Honest men will oppose but a mixture of financial fear, selfishness and Rangers supporters will force the worst possible result, Servo in Div 1. A sad day for Scotland, if any division should have them it ought to be div 3.

  • jim mc - 10 years ago

    I suspect it will be SFL1 and, because I've already bought my season ticket, I'm resigned to this being the last season that I attend football in Scotland.
    We're told that Celtic are 1/50 to win this seasons SPL but Sevco must be 1/1,000,000 to win promotion from SFL1 because its already been decided that they can only spend 1 year there.
    How can anyone attend a game in this country and believe that a Cup, League, Promotion etc has been won on merit and not because of which outcome is deemed to be the most lucrative.

  • Hoopy_Ghirl - 10 years ago

    I say a NO vote. also, I don't disagree that Regan & Doncaster should go but where are the calls for Ogilvies head? Bet he's not sitting on his hands throughout this whole debacle.

  • George - 10 years ago

    I hope No, but fear Yes, if the later more family time for me at the weekends as i shall'nt be back

  • James - 10 years ago

    They will be voted in because Scottish football is corrupt.

  • James - 10 years ago

    Yes they will be voted in.

    Scottish football is corrupt and is finished, i won't be back.

  • James - 10 years ago

    Yes they will be voted in.

    Scottish football is corrupt and is finished, i won't be back.

  • robin - 10 years ago

    Regan and Doncaster have to go.They are killing our game with the nonsense notion of saving a carcasse.Monstrous and without principle.

  • Colin - 10 years ago

    The bullying of SFL clubs by Doncaster and Regan is nothing short of disgraceful , after all that has gone on are we nearing the finish line ?? Rangers simply have to go to Div 3 and all doom and gloom scaremongering stories ignored.Scottish football once flourished before TV got involved and this was only in the 80's and we had a competitive league also with New Firm,Celtic and Hearts all having a right go at each other.Sevco will not be missed.

  • Steven doyle - 10 years ago

    Sevco which is a newco should apply for membership in 3 years time ,as the rules say .I also wonder who is " behind" sevco? Craig whyte? Ticketus? You could be letting a whole lot of trouble back in!

  • Mhark67 - 10 years ago

    I hope the clubs today have the balls to tell sevco(there is NO Rangers) not only its it div3 but they need to meet the criteria just as any other applicant must and Spartans and Cove Rangers also apply that should put the issue to bed
    However I am not overly opptomistic about that .... Not in this SFA-LAND

  • Robert Chambers - 10 years ago

    Simple. Sack Regan and Doncaster. They have to go.

  • Dan - 10 years ago

    I think not. It will however require a degree of nerve to stand up to the self servers and vested interests. Regardless of the result the battle to save Scottish football will not end here.

  • Davy - 10 years ago

    I say no becasue I still believe that there is still an elephant in the room that is being ignored. That being that FIFA rules regarding how associations promote and relagte temas will come to bear and our "governing" body will be TOLD where to place Sevco (bottom division), assuming their application for new membership to the football league is more favourable than Spartans, or others...

  • John - 10 years ago

    Got to be Div 3 or the game is dead. Regan and Doncaster are killing off what is already q sck game in Scotland, probably to protect their bonus payments!

  • Harty - 10 years ago

    I think the SFL clubs will see through Doncaster and Regan's bulls**t and will vote NO.

  • Tony - 10 years ago

    Division 3 or no integrity left in Scottish football.

  • Kenny Etiq - 10 years ago

    I don't think they will be voted in, but the will get in nonetheless.

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