Will Nene Leakes be fired?


  • Shirley Williams - 7 years ago

    I use to love nene but now she getting on my nerves. She want everybody to be on her side when she is wrong. Like her and Porsche try Sunday to make up with nene was not trying to here her. So Porsche you have already made up with the lady on the show. And you don’t need to tell them anymore that you are sorry. What happened last show you had no idea that old were telling you a lie. So Candy need to check here real friends.and learn how to forgive her self because she another that get next to me.

  • Lo.g40 - 10 years ago

    If they fire NeNe the ratings will surely drop

  • wanda - 11 years ago

    well let her go and bring Marlo to the show now that will be drama for ur ass I LOVE ME SOME MARLO although shes a SUPA SUPA bitch but I wud love for her to come to the show and far as Nene shes

  • ToyToy - 11 years ago

    Hey now she is what makes you watch the show. You will lose a lot of watchers.

  • Shon - 11 years ago

    She should get fired, after all she had two people fired, so she say. Karma's a b*tch. Also she said somebody shouldn't be on the new season show and guess what, it might just be her. HA HA HA. But I love the show and will still watch even if she's not on it.

  • RHONDA - 11 years ago


  • Trazina - 11 years ago

    I strongly agree,NeNe really have some issues,but which of us dont.I think that Cynthia is fake,and sneaky always looking for the camera.If you watch closely she shows a little jealousy,if I may add she somewhat try to imitate Sheree.Fakdra,"OMG"I feel for the raising of the child,I think in the beginning Apolo was doing a great job.So please Apolo I begggggg of you to get back on the driver side,O another thing I really dont feel that it's his decision to do the 'Donkey Butt 'he should've hung in there with rehabilitating the juveniles,something of which he show a better compassion for or better yet,having a better way of addressing saome of the issues of the younger generation of today.I'm proud that Peter have succeeded with his project,again his project.Kenya no disrespect,but maybe your little mentally unbalanced.Candy I like,I'm happy that she's really into her self at this of her life,but take it slow enjoy that ride,rather it long or short just lets travel smoothly and easily 'KROOZ GIRL', and keep that beautiful smile on at all times,as you've always have done.O,will someone please tell that sister that it's (365 days)=year.A day without learning is a day without leaving,where she been?

  • QueenB - 12 years ago

    Nene is the star of the show! Although, not lady like she makes the show and draws the attention. I hope they don't fire her, rather fine her some of her $$ so that will make a rather great impact on the "I'm Rich Bitch"! and get it in the heads of the rest of the Bravo cast members... let's not forget their are several White Bravo cast members on the other housewives show that are still ON and was not threaten to be fired!... blacks always get a worst sentence, penalty that whites that do the same exact thing or worst....!!!! Nene is the show whehter they want to admit it or not... that is why she makes the most $$ and the others are threatened by that and Kandi in her own right is a somewhat legend... but I didn't know who she was until the show... I remember escape but not her... yes I remember the TLC song scrubs... but not Kandi... let's not get it twisted.. women are jealous and catti.. this is what they do.. hate on the one taking all the shine.. instead of knowing this and respect it and get along like Cynthia... she is a celebrately and starr in her own right as a model.. again someone I'm not familiar with.. but she is respected for being respectful!... not remember for sex toys.. that what give you a future... Kandi if you are the bomb for being a song writer and singer... so I didn't buy your cd... and you are actually not relevent on the show...

  • mellowyellow - 12 years ago

    If Ne Ne leaves the show will go off the air, she is the best part of watching this show, she is the most realistic person, the rest only revoles around a man or having sex, If they take her out, she will be allright she got other things going on for herself. I will stop watching if Ne Ne leaves the show.

  • biggkeggzzmama - 12 years ago

    If Nene goes so does the ratings. I believe counseling is in order for all the ladies on the show pecially newcomer Kenya More, she really have issues.

    I would like to know when will there ever be a reality show about woman and men showing positive behavior.

  • lippingcott - 12 years ago

    her show you go girl

  • Peggy - 12 years ago

    When they take that old looking stupid white broad off the show then and only then will I start back watching this. Why is she on the show? All the other housewives shows don't have black people on their shows are a cast member. Why do black people have to be subjected to this idiot?

  • Trish - 12 years ago

    NeNe is nothing but a big mouth bully. She used to be fun to watch, but lately she hates everyone. She's a nasty person who has a bad attitude...I'm sick of listening to her ranting...She should get fired for hitting another person.

  • Robin - 12 years ago

    Nene is the show. If she me and my family goes.

  • Zane Smith - 12 years ago

    If NeNe was the aggressor she will not be fired because money talk and Kandi is more likely to be shown the door. If you look up the word bully there will be an oversized picture of NeNe under it. She is a BIG bully in every sense of the word. She is a big woman, with a big mouth and an even larger ego. I am amazed that she does not use this opportunity to further her station and position in life. Instead she is letting this show use her and she is only reaping the temporary benefits. Can she not see that every part she is hired to do, it just her being herself? To stay in the entertainment game for the long haul, you must have class and talent of which she has neither. The clock is ticking. Who is going to hire an old loud mouth, fat, unattractive, black female to do anything other than to "clown". Wake up NeNE before you become the "Mr. T" of our generation. "Pity the fool......

  • PhylFree - 12 years ago

    NeNe is the show, I know the other ladies have a big part - but they'd really have to step their game up if they lose NeNe.

  • trisha - 12 years ago

    If NeNe got the boot, the show will most definitely get the boot. NeNe makes that show. The women on this show are always dogging each other out. NeNe is the bomb and if she is out so are alot of people. Kandi just talks too much, she makes me wanna slap the mess out of her. Kim just needs a good ole arse whipping. She talks all that junk because she knows that she's not supposed to get knocked the hell out. Sheree deserves whatever she gets. Can't stand that wannabe anyway.

  • Sheryl - 12 years ago

    If NeNe leaves the show no one will watch. NeNe is the reason people watch the show. You now there will be some type of Drama with NeNe, and the network knows how much money they will lose. Please! That will never happen.

  • Valala - 12 years ago

    I am really not believing any of this!!!! NeNe has always been the star of this show, and is the real reason anyone watches. She is fabulous!!!!! Please don't fool yourself if NeNe leaves, we are all gone. We know you put those rumors out to hook is into watching the show, but you don't have to. Just keep it in good taste, and have the show emulate fine black women as NeNe and the rest of them living well!!!!!!!

  • Lady L - 12 years ago

    I think that NeNe makes the show....therefore if she exit stage left so will I. I believe that she can use more self control though, for one she wants us all to respect her as a person and independent women, so she needs to institute a little more self control. I do believe that the other are a little jealous of her so they pick her because they want her to do embarassing things such as this. I for one do think that she's trying to change and will be praying for her to do well in all that she do. Be blessed!

  • My2BAPs - 12 years ago

    Unlike Gigi, I agree to disagree. After watching all of the episodes as a fan & lady, I think NeNe changed for the better & grew as a better person much faster than the others. Yes, I do think she's aggressive, opinionated, & outspoken lady. I do think Candy could be setting it up to be for NeNe to be kicked off because it seemed clear she was not happy for her accomplishments like she was in the beginning of the show. Candy appears to be Kim's hip-hugger to the point I was wondering why was everyone bringing Kim a gift when they visited her contrary to others visiting the other ladies on the show. Can't wait for the new season with NeNe on it :)!

  • GiGi - 12 years ago

    It's really sad that NeNe will no doubt retain her position regardless of her shenanigans.
    That's what they think we want. I for one am dismayed at the level of violence displayed
    on these reality shows. No self respect or control from adult women.
    It's obvious that her problems are deep seated going back to childhood. She could use
    counseling to move forward and regain a higher self esteem. At that point perhaps she
    may have the capability to maintain a healthy relationship with other woman. NeNE seems
    to believe that everyone is hating on her. Why does she feel a need to tell everyone how
    much she paid for this and who all gave her that?
    Clothes certainly do not make the person.

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