Can The Nation Of Islam Help Quell Violence In Black Communities By Hitting The Streets And Mentoring Young, Black Males?


  • uche - 12 years ago

    I think going into the streets will have the same effect that the million man march and the million more march had - nothing but a brief blimp on the radar. I am not a muslim and I do like a lot of Minister Farrahkan's ideas but "going into the streets" is the biggest waste of time ever. It represents an approach to solving our problems that reeks of lack of vision. We need leaders who can develop a plan of action - step by step, with expected results and an end game of delivering us to the place where we have decided we want to be. Of course, this approach takes a lot more brain power, effort, coordination and cooperation among ourselves. The absence of this type of effort suggest that we, the black community, lack those resources to mount such a sophisticated solution. Remember, keeping it simple does not always work. You don't want to keep the design of the braking system on your car simple to the point where they won't stop your 4000 lb vehicle when needed. You also don't want to simplify the training of your cancer surgeon if s/he is ever needed. So why do our leaders insist on regurgitating the same simplistic actions -taking to the street, to solve our complex, social, economic and moral problems? Some might suggest No vision! Others may say it's the lack of an ability to think in complex terms? What could really be the issue here? some problems, and this one that we face surely qualifies, can only be resolved thru complex, multi-faceted and coordinated actions. All the simplistic street marching does is appear to "someone else "to do something about us. That goes over really well with the "we're incapable of running our own lives" crowd. So if the minister really wants to propose a workable solution then I would suggest no more marches in the streets or "establishing a presence in the streets. Organize a coming together of our Intellectuals and technical experts to draft a plan that will produce measurable results.

  • Lucille - 12 years ago

    I am not a muslim and I don't have a problem with them either. I think that they are very strong men & women and yes I do think that they could make a differance in our troubled communities. All the Pigs want to do is shoot our men down because of the color of there skin. I can honestly say that in my city Grand Rapids, Michigan all the so called Black Pastors don't give a rip about our community. All they want is the money from their parishoners so that they can live a lavish life. Our Black Pastors don't do anything here to even try to help stop the violence, these troubled young black males doesn't have anyone to mentor them. So I truly wish that Farrahkan and some of his brothers could come here and help some of our young black males.

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